Terminator: Resistance - FPS, particles, lens flares

Terminator: Salvation was pretty good until it went off the rails in the last 3rd of it. I really enjoyed the first 2/3rds though.

Couldn’t resist the steam sale so I picked this up. I’m not sure my nerves can handle it. The game does capture the setting well.

Yeah I think I’m going to bite on this as well.

Looks great!

I played through Annihilation Line, and it’s ok. The aesthetics are still terrific - I think the Californa-on-fire look of the actual line is new, and looks great. There’s some decent setpieces, it still has the same setpiece-to-wide-corridor approach of the main campaign, but the truncated progression robs it of some impact. Also, while the original campaign did a good job of coloring in the lines in a pretty clever way, I think bringing Reese into this tips it over into bad fanfiction territory.

From what I read, it is pretty much a stand-alone megamission and doesn’t integrate into the main playthrough? Sort of like the DLC for Human Revolution before the Director’s Cut integrated it. Takes away a bit of the desire to pick it up.

Yes, and I don’t like that. But I love the game, love the work the developer did, so I will get it, replay the game and then play the DLC at the appropriate point to sort of imperfectly blend it in. I’ve been wanting replay the game, plus use a different difficulty setting so it’s all good for me for the most part.

I’ll probably pick it up on a sale eventually. I liked the game, and had fun with it, but it wasn’t that long ago so I’m not quite ready to replay it.

And now a very grey RTS?

A good review of the DLC that accepts the game for what it is, rather than putting it down for what it isn’t:

Game is on sale on Steam and Xbox for $16 today. Tempting.

Get it, well worth it.

Effing FINALLY going under 20 bucks, sheesh. Almost makes me think it’s going to be a Humble Monthly title soon.

Heh, sale ends the day before the Humble Choice for next month, so, buy it, if it’s in the bundle, still in time for a return?

Just bought the Annihilation Line DLC on steam for measly 9 euros. Looking forward to it, although I will rewatch T1 and T2 first before I do a replay and first play of the DLC.

Bought the game and DLC during the sale. So far lots of fun. I really like the wide corridor open area combination with some exploration and crafting. Add some base building and it would be perfect for me. As it is it’s stil great fun.

It’s a cool game overall. Not too ambitious, but it reaches far enough to be satisfying.

I picked up the main game a few days ago during this Steam sale and am having a good time with it. The first impression isn’t super great, and the one-on-one dialogues remind one of the camera pulling in way too close in Oblivion and Fallout 3, but once its systems open up it’s the best Terminator experience since the first two films + maybe The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I do wish the levels/maps were more open, with more room for vertical exploration, but it’s clearly a title made on a budget.