Terminator: Resistance - FPS, particles, lens flares

All my monies for day 1 of that game.


They do seem to have a feel for translating movie action into FPS action, definitely.

Sold so sold

From the article:

I know the Rambo game was indeed critically savaged, but IIRC Terminator: Resistance got favorable reviews didn’t it? Hell, I bought the game based on those reviews. Or maybe it was because of this thread. In any case, I played it and had a great deal of fun.

Also, I think Escape From New York would also make for a fine FPS game.

Nah it’s at 60 on metacritic. User reviews were favourable though.

Matt Wales is an censored for only mentioning the critic’s journalist reviews and ignoring that over 90% of actual customers enjoyed the game.

Yeah, Teyon did a bang-up job on Terminator in my opinion, capturing a lot of the feel of the franchise, at least the good parts. And it was a competent, often more than competent, shooter in its own right.

Amen, it was also a excellent action RPG in every way possible to do it well.

That’s cool with me, enjoyed the game.

I was wondering what happened to the rumored story DLC. I really loved this game for all its flaws. It is one of my favorite games from the last couple of years. Looking forward to this.

I was about to pick this up but now I’m on the fence between it and Aliens Fireteam.

I’m the guy paralysed by indecision who get us over-run!

Why not both gif?

This is much better and more substantial than Fireteam. But of course, Fireteam has co-op. But in my opinion it sucks worse than Colonial Marines.

That Terminator game was the very definition of a solid AA game. More if its ilk would be welcome.

I quite enjoyed Colonial Marines :)

Did you play it with the overhaul mod/patch?

The AI fix? No - I did try that later, and didn’t think it made much difference tbh.

Ok, I picked this up. Commence resistancing!