Terms and phrases whos 15 minutes should be up soon

  1. shock and awe

  2. embedded

  3. freedom (in place of French)

  4. Coalition of the Willing

  5. un-American

  6. fair, balanced, and objective

please add your least favorites. :wink:

regime change

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Particularized. I think it was Cheney who was tossing this ungodly piece of jargon around, saying that the munitions used were particularized for the targets selected.

Thank you. 1, 2 and 4 in particular. The TV news reports and anchors, who seem to be most in bed with “embedded,” are probably just too harried (or too damn lazy) to realize that it adds nothing to the meaning of what they’re saying. But I suppose that, within their limited vision, it does make them seem kind of cool and military. Or something.

As Albert Brooks’ character said in “Broadcast News”: “Let’s never forget. We’re the real stars.”


President Bush

doomed regime


  • “target of opportunity”
  • “EPWs” (ENEMY prisoners of war, the new loaded term for POWs)
  • “bunker buster”
  • “troops encountered resistance”
  • “mopping up”
  • “elite Republican Guard”
  • “the liberation has begun”
  • “burm”
  • “I’m not allowed to say where I am or what we’re doing, but hey, here’s some garbled video from the hood of a jeep. Can I get my Pulitzer now?”


As in “When is the 10th I.D. going to get into the fray?” Apparently newscasters are so pressed for time that they can’t just say “Infantry Division” like everyone else (including the Army), and I guess it doesn’t occur to them that the average viewer probably has no idea what they are talking about.

Alternately, they could start abbreviating other random words and phrases.

“SaA is truly a FAS, as continued AS rock the DT area of BD.”


"EPWs (ENEMY prisoners of war, the new loaded term for POWs) "

You’re shitting me. Where did you hear this?

This is a common acronym within the Army, actually. Army officials just avoid heavy use of acronyms when briefing the press.

Yeah, that was my point. The Army uses lots of crazy acronyms that the average person wouldn’t understand, but at least they realize that and don’t use said acronyms when speaking to the average person. Thess press seems to find it necessary, though. I guess they are trying to come across as savvy insiders, but really they just seem like a bunch of dorks.

It’s all over the 24-hour news coverage. I just watched a Pentagon press conference on C-Span where it was used.

Here’s a Google search on the term:


And here’s a couple of Associate Press stories that use the term:

Whoops, I see that both those stories use the same EPW quote. Anyway, take my word for it, or watch more CNN; you’ll hear it whenever they refer to prisoners of war.

Anyway, here’s another phrase for the jargon bonfire:

“effects-based campaign” (as in an attack with the objective of causing certain “effects” on the enemy)

By the way, an ominious note. At that Pentagon press conference the woman PR flak (wearing the weirdest multi-hued outfit I’ve seen on a representative of the armed forces) said that “unfortunately” many journalists who were “not embedded” have been killed thus far. They would not say which side has killed them, the US or the Iraqis, and would not say how many (though she hinted that there were “various groups” of dead journalists). She scolded the press, and told them to “exercise restraint,” as Iraq is a “very dangerous place.” Yay!

What the hell was up with that suit that women was wearing?

I mean… seriously. Huh? I’m in a state or Shock and Awe just realizing that people actually buy things like that.

  1. attack of opportunity

which is rapidly being replaced with…
8. decapitation attempt

it’s almost 4PM here so i think it is time to fire up some ‘war-tails’ and settle in for a few hours of drinking and news.


It was probably a gift.

It looked like something No. 6’s female counterpart would wear on the old series, “The Prisoner.”

I’d also vote to eliminate references to coalition -anything-.

I guess the Administration, failing to get UN suport, wasn’t going to let the facts prevent its appropriation of a useful byword.

At best, it’s a limited partnership, with UK as the limited partner (though it seems to be taking most of the non-combat casualties) and Australia as a small investor.


That’s so wierd. Maybe to distinguish from Friendly Prisoners of War?