Terraria (it's Minecraft, sideways)

I did not play 1.2, but may need to open it again for 1.3…been awhile…

Well that would be something. There’s actually a shitload to do after you defeat the hardmode versions of the 3 original bosses, just from 1.2. Really fun stuff.

Hardmode actually put me off Terraria. Seemed grindier than everything up to that point. There’s a degree of grind to the game anyway, but those bosses dropping pieces which you can then assemble into good gear just annoyed me.

And by put off Terraria I mean put off hardmode. Had a blast going through normal with a pal. We’ll probably start a new game up when 1.3 launches. Just hope a lot of the new toys are in normal.

Achievements have dropped in!


Starbound launches tomorrow. Terraria gets a new patch adding party supplies. It’s a sideways crafter’s paradise!


Parties have now been added! You can start your own via the Party Girl’s Party Center or the Town NPCs may start one, if certain conditions are met.

Added Bundled Party Balloons
Added Balloon Animal
Added Party Hat
Added Silly Sunflower Vanity
Added Silly Balloon Blocks and Walls
Added Silly Tied Balloons
Added Pigronata
Added Party Center
Added Silly Balloon Machine
Added Streamers
Added Party Present
Added Cog Walls
Added Sandfall Blocks and Walls
Added Snowfall Blocks and Walls
Added Snow Clouds[/quote]

Are they feeling the heat of Starbound? I think Terraria has a much more solid fanbase compared to Starbound. I do love both of the games!

I don’t think there’s a heat issue. Terraria has been updating steadily ever since Redigit returned. They announced plans awhile ago to split up 1.3.2 into two releases. 1.3.2 would be “bug fixes, some quality of life changes, birthday event” (seriously, chest sorting is amazing). 1.3.3 is more content for Underground Desert, which we knew would be coming for a long time now. It has been said that 1.3 was going to be the last “major” content patch, but it’s worth pointing out this was the biggest release for Terraria ever.

Nobody really knows how much work is going into Terraria 2 right now. I suspect, but this is just my .02, that Redigit won’t be releasing Terraria 2 in the state Terraria was released in. There’s going to be an expectation of a certain amount of content being ready to go now. So I suspect it will continue in secret for awhile and then we’ll discover it will launch with somewhere between Terraria 1.1 (Hardmode) and Terraria 1.2 (hardmode rebalance, Plantera + Jungle Temple, Hardmode Dungeon, Pirates event, new Hardmode Goblin Invasion). Terraria is an established game and has been for years. I don’t really think there’s a mindset of “uh oh we’re being challenged”. But I do think - and this was true before Starbound resembled what it is right now - that Terraria 2 has to launch in a much different state. The success of Terraria is the main driving force for that, though. “Genre competitors” and EA backlash in some quarters are other factors.

I doubt it. Terraria has been out for… how many years now? These aren’t subscription games and I’m pretty sure that just about everyone who is interested in Terraria owns Terraria at this point. It’s been on sale for $2 often enough. :)

Hell, it’s been out long enough to have its own toys sold in retail stores.


Terraria: Otherworld, the side project being done with Engine Software, ran into some difficulties and is being revamped.


To keep it short and simple, at the beginning of this year, we undertook a full in-depth review of the project versus our standards, expectations, and vision for the game. It was pretty clear to us at the time that Otherworld needed quite a bit of work - and even a good bit of rework - in a number of areas in order to hit that mark.

We then spent some time in detailed discussion among ourselves and also with Engine Software in regards to how best to get things to where they need to be. We then made a list of requested reforms and changes and such. As a part of this, the project team at Engine now has a new lead designer and art lead along with other changes made to better align to our vision for the game. On top of that, our two teams have laid out clearly what needs to be done and are pushing forward executing towards that roadmap to deliver the game we expect - and our fans deserve - as soon as possible.[/quote]

Uh, ok.

Ok thats, umm something unexpected. Though more monsters and hopefully traps would be cool for Terraria. I still haven’t checked out DD2 though I did enjoy the first game.

4K support added in the new update. Also, UI scaling, zoom, and few furniture and armor bits.

This will provide a solid foundation from which we can execute our other secret Terraria update plans - and we are pretty sure you will find those exciting![/quote]

4K Support in Terraria? lol :-)

Good on them to keep on patching the game. Played it quite a bit a while back.

Almost time to dust off and replay Terraria. Looking forward to that!

I did just that and then Starbound got a huge update! So far it’s been a very platformy June for me. The amount of content in these games is astounding for the price.

It’s not actually out, is it?

It isn’t out yet. Thankfully. Because otherwise it would monopolize all of my available gaming time for the next 2 weeks.

The announcement said sometime in 2019.

I am grateful for all that they have put into Terraria. I do wish they would stop getting me excited for updates, because they do take a very long time to come out. It’s fine, but it just makes me have to kind of consciously shove it to the back of my mind. I wish they’d let it stay there until it’s actually done. :)