Terraria (it's Minecraft, sideways)

I think if they maybe made some other mob with a much lower spawn rate the mob that hassled you during the day, but then made slimes passive until attacked it might work. Or make the “torch resource” something easily attainable while greatly toning down the amount of slimes spawning it would a nicer experience.

It’s an early alpha guys. The developer already said there’s too many slimes.

No it’s not. They’ve said the game is ready to ship and is held back by infrastructure.

But it’s still in alpha, like Minecraft was in alpha.

How many videos do you think you’d need to get an idea of the gameplay? There’s almost 30 videos out there, 14 from 1 session from the developers.

And yeah if you watch the videos they talk about there being too many slimes and that they’d have to adjust spawn rates - which are also affected by the number of players to some extent.

I can’t arguee with that!

But I can post 2 of the few videos people are starting to make to plea the game release sooner:



This looks great, but I’d rather wait for a finished game than have another Minecraft. Building crazy things is fun (and probably better in 3D), but I’d also like the game to have a game.

After spending way too much time watching the LP videos I feel as if I’ve seen most of the game already and not nearly as interested in playing it anymore. Does seem to have more game than Minecraft but not substantially so. Funny how some of the LP casters and developers have responded so much to Terraria not being a Minecraft clone.

Pg, I feel the same way. Ill still buy it if its cheap, but after watching so many videos, I feel that I have explored the game already. Hopefully they will take this time to add a lot more things to build. I can think of a few things. How about elevators and water pumps? Automated turrets (maybe they have these, I am not sure but I think I might have seen something like that in one video).

Certainly adding mod support could go a long way for a game like this.

It’s definitely going to need mod support but the developers apparently do not have plans to allow this, at least not in the immediate future.

Name your price, I’ll buy it. Sure, the first thing you see is Minecraft, but to me this looks far more like Cortex Command except functional and with halfway competent developers behind it.

Anecdotally, a higher percentage of kids cause problems than adults, for me. I run into far fewer kids (<18 but really more <16) than adults, so there are sample size issues. But they almost always blow goats.

I don’t mean this argumentatively, but how do you know they’re kids? Are we talking about XBox Live voice chat proof?

In my experience, kids just do “dumb” things that irritate and annoy. It’s the adults that are far more capable of being petty, spiteful, vindictive, jealous, greedy, cruel, malicious and more.

That’s pretty much my experience too.


These two children have sapped my will to live. THANKS KIDS.

I remember feeling the same way at that age when I saw ads for upcoming Atari 2600 cartridges. Fortunately, that was long before Youtube was around! In fact, Al Gore hadn’t even invented the Internet yet…

Facebook status update: “Hey Guys!!!. . . .‘Terraria, Coming to your Windows PC, June, 2011’.”

Edit: Today’s was “Terraria, Soon to be Steam Powered!”

I have bad news.

There has ben 2 leaks of the game, the first one of a old version, and the new one on something that can be a full version.

That is depressing news :(

It’s the Let’s Play version. Not really a huge loss at this point.

Rumor is that the devs are getting ready to spin this and land on their feet by releasing it as a demo.