Test thread (renaming threads)

I’m sorry to clutter things up, but I’m trying to figure out how to rename a thread (which is possible, I’m told).

I didn’t know where else to put this - sorry!

Edit: Ok, so you can rename a thread right after you’ve created it. Is there a time limit after which it no longer works? Or perhaps you can’t once someone has posted to the thread?

Edit 2: Looks like you can’t change the name of the thread after 15 minutes, but you can still change the title of your post.

BUT can you rename it after someone posts a comment?

Looks like I can still rename the title of my original post, so that still works.

You posted after the 15 minute mark in this thread, though, so it’s unclear if your post had any effect on it. We’ll need another thread to test that theory.


My understanding is that if you hit edit and then hit edit again from that screen, you can rename the thread. However, if a poll is attached, you can’t change that; only a mod can change that.

Yeah, thanks to your advice in the other thread, that’s how I was able to change the thread title here.

Still, it seems that it locks in the title after 15 minutes. That’s why it never worked for me in that thread.