Just testing a new sig. move along nothing to see.

dang it why’s it not showing up?

This forum has sigs!?

Oh, guess board admin has them turned off.

This should be Wiki’ed.

“After twelve full months, jp realizes that there aren’t signatures on the QT3 forums.”

Just so you know, jpinard, there are no Avatar images either.

Hope that helps.

But we do have an Entity, so there’s that.

Try as I might, I can never resists these test posts. I am a very weak man. :)

hehe, hope you got a little amusement :)

What? , my sig works fine…

My sig works just fine too. You guys can’t see it? What browser are you using?

  • Alan

Is anyone else curious about what sort of sig jpinard would inflict upon us?

It’d probably look something like this.

  • Alan

It’d probably look something like this.[/quote]

Ok, that’s twelve lines too long.

You know, I hated Gone Gold, but at least it was a sort of voluntary gulag for idiots like jpinard, keeping them cut off from the rest of society to practice their sigs and Tourettes-posting every little thought that entered their brain throughout the day.

The gulag was shut down by the ACLU.

Wait, you hated Gone Gold?

Ahh, life without Dr. Crypt would be bitter-free and boring.
Though the irony of you taking the time to post in my TOTALLY irrelevant “test” thread is quite amusing.

Does this mean that now anything moderately funny or humiliating will result in immediate calls for the thread to be wikied?

Ignore this post, just testing my sig.

edit: Damn!