I think we should ban [insert name]

That’s because banning is fun!

Ha ha – I am drunk with power. “B a n” is now be replaced by “gently touch” and “b a n n i n g” is replaced by “kissing”.

Now will everyone just calm down a bit?

ban spam

banning ban ban banning ban banning ban

Now isn’t this better?


heh, i guess anyone who wants to look like a moron can still post it in 1337speak, but that implicitly dilutes their message so i guess it’s self-regulating?

What if I got new sunglasses and wanted to talk about them. Ray Ban? Guess I’d better get Oakleys.

Could you replace “Cleve” with “Kitten” and “wumpus” with “tulip” while you’re at it? :wink:

Come on Mark, you know you want to.

On a side note, Everything Else is really swinging lately!

Arkmay Asherway eedsnay otay anbay everyoneway onway isthay
oardbay atthay usesway ethay ordway anbay.

ban this!


As I said, the board is now ruined. These commie muthafuckers have lost it.

Somehow I don’t think this is the solution that the unwashed masses were looking to their dear leaders for.

Well, now at least we have to have fun when we talk about people and anbaying.

And you’ve gotta love the irony that now, this board’s only standing content-based b-a-n is on any use of the word “b-a-n” itself.

Oh no, Mark’s become like Jim Carrey in “Bruce Almighty.”



More like frivolously inappropriate usage of newly-endowed omnipotence. :wink:


I was going to say unfunny.

Banning is genius. Due to the incessant porn mentions throughout the board, I was going to suggest banning lesbians, but Mark’s solution is exponentially better.