I have been gently touched by Mark Asher.

Ban him! I’m all for banning people who say ban.

LOL, Mark was serious!

Who’s had it with all the kissing? It’s time to heat things up and get on with the fondling, nuzzling, and groping.

Censorship. What next?

Yeah, and it was assholes like you that ruined it. I’m done.

The problem with the movie was that Bruce Gently Toucher was never an interesting character in the first place. So the first hour, the part that was supposed to give the audience an emotional investment in Gently Toucher’s character when his rage-triggered transformations began, instead left the audience twiddling their thumbs while they waited for Gently Toucher to get offscreen and for the Hulk to start tearing up the scenery.

Uh oh, what’s to become of my impending ban saw tutorial? Millions of children may become so confused that they cut themselves!

I think we should ban [insert name]

That’s because banning is fun!

Damn, I’m good 8)

Yeah, and it was assholes like you that ruined it. I’m done.[/quote]

Right. I guess you’re too fucking scared to point the finger at, say, Cleve for instance, because he’d just tear off your head, piss down the stump (its called a neck) that used to hold it up and toss it over to Mark.

Wimps are people who point the finger at others. I have made very few posts, none of which are disruptive at all but you find time to point the finger at the new registrant because it causes a stir in your loins.

Its shit like this that made Derek leave and of course the board isn’t better for it by any stretch of the imagination. So much for that.

Puny human

What about:


What about:


If you don’t know the difference between an insult and a disruptive post, look it up one day; you just might learn something.

In case anyone is still wondering: Supreme Commander is not Derek K. Smart PhD.

I know, it may be obvious to many of you, but I don’t want any confusion.

I don’t know the difference. Where do I go to look that up, exactly?

While I miss Derek, I think the board may last just a little bit longer without him.

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling this morning, you can gently touch whoever you want, however you want.

Erik will be pleased.

Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas in dissent. Color me shocked.


While I miss Derek, I think the board may last just a little bit longer without him.[/quote]

Of course you are right but lets discuss the facts (and see how many more people these commie bastards will ban this time). What exactly did The Smart One do and which remotely warranted him being b-a-n-n-n-e-d? Compared to, say, wumpus, Cleve (who I think is more funny than annoying or insulting) or the other pissants who just don’t like him?

From the facts it would seem as if Tom Chick banned him because he called him a pussy. The same reason that other guy (voltage?) was banned. If that is the case why are people like wumpus who call others names not banned?

If The Smart One was banned because he was engaging The Psychotic One contrary to Tom Chick’s wishes (!) why then are ALL the posts in those Cleve (and other) threads not yet banned? After all most of the posts are saying to ignore him and even those from Tom.

If it is neither of the above then we can safely assume that The Smart One was banned because he got on Tom’s nerves and was brave enough (if The Smart One is anything, brave is one of them) to engage Tom in a discussing and action that others didn’t dare to. And if THIS is the case why are wumpus, cleve and a group of others still posting.

I don’t have The Smart One’s correct board alias handy (I would have to pull up one of his threads) but if you searched all his posts you would be hard pressed to find anything remotely close to the sort of nonsense that people like wumpus, cleve and others are posting regularly.

I also remember seeing a post (which is the reason I created this new alias instead of using my regular board alias - now guess who I am) by Tom in which he said that he didn’t miss The Smart One. Tell me how that reflects on Tom’s decision to ban him while encouraging the likes of wumpus, cleve or that lunatic Brian Coon?

The. board. is. ruined.

I was not going to reply, but in the interest of correcting errors which SC is stating as fact…

Derek Smart was never banished. He chose to leave. (That status may have changed since then, but I dunno)

Voltaic ignored private warnings that would have kept the whole thing quiet. It was not the, admittedly true, charge of Tom being a pussy.

Here is how it works from my observations during seldom visits to this forum:

I) Someone goes over Tom and Mark’s subjective line.

II) People are warned in private to stop the over the line crap while pointless debates go on here in the E.E. forum which, in turn, infect threads throughout.

III) a. Private warnings are ignored and someone dissapears.
b. Private warnings are adhered to and the offender reigns himself in, meanwhile, the rest of the board yappers drone on and on and on and on and on…

I would say we are nearing the end of Stage II. If everyone would re-read the above process, STFU, and/or leave, Tom/Mark’s board can chug along nicely without further input. Thanks.

OK I get the full picture now