So what happened?

Were we hacked, or what? The “Yeah!” under the “Quarter To Three Forums” heading was a bit suspicious…

No just upgrading the forums for the next step in QT3. phpBB just decided to optomize everything - which i think it choked on. So a little more playing tonight.


No, seriously. Just say Derek hacked the place. Otherwise our IRC discussion was just time wasted, and I would hate to imagine what wasting time in IRC feels like.



Ah, I just figured out why you did that. :)

Everyone, we can use the url tag again! With non-www addresses, that is.

Oh, I thought it meant we could now post pics of lesbian anime porn. :wink:

You can, and without the WWW the URL!!!

There’s anime that isn’t lesbian porn?

Well, there’s fucking Love Hina. The world would be a much better without fucking Love Hina and all of its fucking genre.