Tethering question

Question for people with network knowledge. Specifically, can a sysadmin see what a tethered phone does that is connected via wifi?

I have a tethered iphone connected through my work wifi. I don’t want them see that I am connected to the GW2 server. I’m guessing they can’t, but wanted to confirm it if someone knew. If they can, i’ll just switch over to the phone’s unlimted data plan. It was just more stable and faster on wifi.

You’re tethering a PC to your iphone that is connected to your work wi-fi? If yes, then yes your sysadmins can see all of your traffic - unless you’re using a VPN, which you probably aren’t.

Yeah, i’m not using a vpn. Not even sure how to do that with tethering. I thought the iphone connection would block their ability to see it using Tether, but that’s why I asked! Guess it’s back to using the dataplan.

In the end, the data’s still going to the same IP addresses containing the same instructions, the MTU is just one higher (a little counter that sees how many hops data has taken on the way to wherever it’s going).

So I have an option for VPN on my iPhone, what do I need to get it to work?

I find it odd that your admins leave the GW ports open. We block everything except http, https, and ftp.

I was going to say something about how HR / IT usually have policies in place that say if you bypass their security you get in trouble, but… they don’t have security, so…

Well I run Legal and HR and actually wrote the policy (hypocrisy at its best!) IT has security in place, but this is the Executive Wifi, which is pretty much just for me, the CEO and CFO, so I think they leave it open and unmonitored.