Tetris Effect - From the designer of Rez and Lumines


This is being talked about briefly in other threads. It sounds like it’s a triumph. Perhaps the definitive version of one of the best games of all time?

Eurogamer gave it an Essential rating.


It can’t be the definitive version if Wii’s Tetris Party actually provides a great head-to-head multiplayer experience and this one doesn’t even try.

That said, I’ll probably pick this up for Switch or Xbox soon.


Isn’t it a PS4 exclusive?


An exclusive definitive edition of Tetris that isn’t on a Nintendo system? Shenannigans!


And a definitive tetris that can’t be played on the crapper as well? Sounds like a very Japanese way of going for something awesome and missing entirely the point.


I can’t deny the presentation is awesome, but it’s still good ol’ Tetris isn’t it?

I mean, you can play Snakes and Ladders in a strip club, that doesn’t make it a brand new experience, does it?


The real shame is there’s no Astro Bot thread.


Nor on a programmable calculator in the middle of class. Agreed.


Drop speed changes with what’s going on in the level, speeding up or slowing down so it’s slightly more than just window dressing.


Definitive Tetris was on the OG game boy, green on grey. But this looks neat.




The definitive version of the game is Tetris: The Absolute: The Grand Master 2 Plus.


I love Mizuguchi’s games, and he has wanted to make Tetris for a very long time (it’s why he created Lumines). This game is basically what Lumines would have been if he could have made an actual Tetris game, I think.

That said, I’ve never been much of a Tetris fan, so I’m kind of torn on wanting to get this for my new PS4. It is probably a game I will enjoy the experience of for a while, but won’t play again and again.

Maybe it will come to Plus eventually.


Gamestop apparently has this for $20. Amazon briefly price-matched but they must have sold out, since it’s only showing as being sold by 3rd party sellers now.

I’m still debating if I want to brave Gamestop and get a “new” copy (i.e. opened, but they keep the game in a drawer behind the counter), or wait for a digital sale.


Chances are they have a bunch of them, so you should be able to get a sealed copy, especially if you don’t wait a week.

I was thinking about going to get this myself, then ended up buying a slew of stuff in the PSN holiday sale


Wooo I would grab that if it was available.


Yeah I’d like to buy this, but $40 on PSN seems like a bit much for Tetris.



I am stuck on the last level of adventure mode (normal difficulty) and I wouldn’t mind playing it repeatedly, but I hate the stupid pop song… what to do? I think I will mute the music and play classic tetris music until I beat the level


Did anyone ever approach the game with this mindset and have their mind changed?

I keep seeing Tetris Effect on best of 2018 lists and I’ve already got a PSVR so there’s some pull, almost obligation, to at least try it.

But I don’t really have any affection for Tetris itself. Polygon has it at #4 in their end of the year list, but their entry justifying it says things like this:

For the past three decades, people have zoned out with the help of Tetris. The classic, nigh-perfect puzzle game demands unwavering attention, particularly at higher speeds.
Its additions ultimately don’t distract from the game; they complement it, reminding us what an addictive, pleasurable and transportive experience a game of Tetris can be.

Other reviews have a similar premise, “we all know Tetris was already the best thing in the world…” if you’ll pardon a little exaggeration on my part.

If I wouldn’t shed a tear over the prospect of never playing another game of Tetris in my life, Tetris Effect isn’t going to wow me, is it?


I was walking outside at 7:30 AM the other day and got a notification from camelcamelcamel that it was on sale for $20 so I grabbed it! I’ve been wanting a decent Tetris game. I haven’t played in years.