Texas Burning

Viridian Note 00460: The Wolf Is At the Door

Although this fire was raging in sparsely populated ranching country, Texas Forest Service Director James B. Hull warned Wednesday that such a fire striking Austin and Travis County would yield a more nightmarish fate. “Austin is going to be the worst catastrophe Texas has ever seen,” Hull said as he toured firefighting operations in the Panhandle. “The conditions we’re having in the Panhandle right now, when it gets to Austin, it will be a tragedy.”

(((I started the Viridian Movement in 1998, when wildfires from drought-stricken jungles in Chiapas were spewing smoke over Austin in an arc that reached Chicago. Today it’s not Mexico. It’s here. Two percent of the landmass of Texas has burned since Christmas. Here, look:)))

Uh, so, about that climate change…

Oh please. We have to deal with this shit all the time.

Not every natural disaster is linked to man-made climate change. Bad things like this have been happening for, oh, a while.

But I DO blame the Romans for Pompeii - they should have known better than to haul off all that water in the aqueducts…

Because your state deals with it all the time, they are prepared. Texas isn’t.

An inch of snow in Socal would be crippling, while people from Chicago would look at you and say “Oh please, we have to deal with this shit all the time.” :-)

Well its just Texas no one really cares about that state anyways.

Phil, if you’re talking on a geological time scale, Texas has been bone-dry and on fire all the time before, yes. But not really during human settlement.

Meh, it’s texas. Austin is nice but c’mon, it’s a tumor like florida.

Ah, but wait! Austin is like the only librul place in Tayxus, so no wonder the fuckers want to see it burn…

There’s a rather big difference between gringo settlement and land-bridge settlement…

Doh, forgot.

The real reason for all these crazy fires recently has been the now defunct policy of absolute fire suppression. For a long time any forest fire was put out ASAP. What this lead to was a huge amount of fuel being left on the ground. Think of decades of dead wood built up. So now you got all this fuel and all you need one fire to get out of control.

Thakfully they have realised that fire are part of the natual process and many trees do much better with the occasional scorching. The soil becomes richer, then bark of the trees that is infested with bugs is burnt off, scub brush is burnt up and room is made for younger trees. As long as the crowns of the trees do not catch fire, they usually do quite well after a forest fire.

Of course the fires are normally not so bad, because the fuel never gets that plentiful because every few years a fire burns it all off. However now we are kind of fucked. There is so much fuel that a forest proabbly will not survive a forest fire.

We’re in a level d3 drought right now. It’s even worse in south Texas. And this is what passes for our rainy season. If we don’t get some damn rain up in here before summer starts we’re going to drinking the blood of the elderly to just get by. And then using the bodies to try to put out the fires.

The world is just getting that more exciting.

Too salty. Makes a fine gravy, though.

I never have the patience to reduce it enough. Has anyone tried adding flour or cornstarch to thicken it?

[SIZE=1]Yes, I’m going to hell for this post.[/SIZE]