Texas Continues to go off the rails

Man, this Abbott pardon is sickening and contemptible.

Best decision of my life was deciding to get the fuck out of Texas.

This is a deliberate red flag to stoke riots for political purposes. The cynicism is shocking, but if people stay calm this could turn out to be an albatross for the GOP. Dear god, what a piece of shit Abbott is.

The guy’s main defense was that he “thought the victim might point their gun at him”. So now basically open season on anyone openly carrying who is also moving in your direction, under Texas Stand Your Ground law.

Wait - getting an update in my ear from my producer: change that to “basically open season on any black man openly carrying who is also moving in your direction”

'We believe in the right to bear arms. No not them too, just us."

So two dudes, both carrying, can just open fire on each other?


Provided one is white and vaguely related to law enforcement/military, absolutely.

the latter is optional - see Rittenhouse.

Team Tough on Crime : “I pardoned a convicted murderer a year after he was convicted.”

Relevant from a year ago about why this is fucking terrible.

Abbott of all people should know not to fan the flame of political violence. Where does he think he will be able to run to when violence is the language of politics?

Presumably to his posse of pardoned criminals.

I guess when their last stand is made he can man the ramp parts.

That’s why i say it’s religious fundamentalism that’s driving the GOP today: because BLM has become a fundamentalist issue.

Climate change is not true - because we say it isn’t true. So let’s force our state to stop teaching it in schools (Florida). COVID isn’t real, so let’s force out people to stop acting like its real (NC, banning wearing medical masks). These are fundamentalist-thinking positions, being able to BS reality by compelling everyone to act as if its real.

BLM is a reverse-racist evil act of terrorism and violence according to Conservatives. They also hate liberals protesting about anything. So they pardon people who kill BLM protestors (Texas). They make their reality everyone else’s reality by passing legislation, laws, and criminal acts to enforce their skewed reality.

Religious fundamentalists basically see the world as contingent, one of dueling perspectives. There is no ‘objective reality’ because, at the most basic level, their prior facts are unsubstantiatable. And they assume everyone else’s perspective and facts are just as insubstantial and unprovable. So if they have a majority, and they can compel people to act that way, their reality becomes reality.

If the state will let others kill you with impunity, - then protesters have every reason to defend themselves to the max. This is the lesson union formers learned in the 1800s vs the Pinkertons.

This is the most accelerationist thing any politician has done since Jan.6th

I expect this sort of thing to go national if Trump wins. Biden should run ads on this.

Everyone pay attention: THIS is how you make sure you stay in total control when you fear the opposition might be making gains.

Old and busted: gerrymandering
New and sexy: electoral college for everything!

Yeah. That’s crazy. One county in Texas has 64 people. One has 4.7 million.

Well, you know the saying: 4.7 million people, one vote.

Sheesh, that formula would probably work in most States. The rural areas vote GOP and the urban areas vote Democratic. It would probably work in a blue state like Illinois. (Coincidently, Madison county in Illinois is voting to secede from Illinois. It’s pants on head crazy but they are doing it.)