Texas: Greatest College Football Team Ever?

I’ll give you many options.

Fuck texas.

95 Huskers would have destroyed them.

In soviet russia, Texas fucks you.

You know, Texas just won the college baseball world series, too. If our basketball team gets in shape, we could have the trifecta.

It won’t happen, but I can dream.

Yeah, but the '96 Huskers lost to a shitty Texas team in the Big XII Championship.

In fact, there was a six-year run for Nebraska whereupon they either (a) won the MNC or (b) lost to Texas.

I recall that run well. It’s why I was rooting for the 'horns in the Rose bowl, I wanted USC to have a taste of what the huskers always used to run into.

Having said that, the 95 huskers still would have destroyed the 05 'horns. The '96 huskers haven’t got anything to do with it, that was a whole different team because of all the players that went pro after 95.

I like how the poll percentages add up to 200.

Miami, in the late-80’s was pretty damn good as well.

Let’s see: A last minute win at Ohio State. True it was in the 'Shoe, but Ohio State’s offense wasn’t nearly as good as it was later in the season. And a last minute win against a USC team that, IMO, at the end of the season wasn’t measurably better than either Penn State or Ohio State.

So, yes, a very good Texas team, but not nearly as good as last year’s USC team, which would have kicked this Texas team all over the field. I think the 2001 Miami team would have kicked their ass too.

And, for that matter, Texas’ last national champion team: Darrell Royal’s wishone edition was better too.



No, sir!