Text size issue on iPhone 5s

Odd but irritating issue on my iPhone 5s. For some reason the text in some apps has become extremely large. One example, when I go to write a review in the Apps store, the font is huge - no way to reduce the size (and it didn’t use to be this big.) Some other apps, like Mail.Com (web mail) have also now had the fonts grow to a very large size. This isn’t for all apps, just some. but for those it is really irritating.

I went into General - Text Size and tried to lower it there, but no effect. I also went into Accessibility and made sure the Larger Type was turned off. Is there any other way to change the text size?


Individual apps don’t have to honor that system wide text setting, but it sounds odd that it’s Apple’s own apps you’re seeing this behavior with; as far as I knew, those apps did adjust based on that setting.

edit: I read your post quickly, I didn’t realize you’re talking about Mail.Com, not Apple’s own Mail app. So it’s entirely possible that it doesn’t honor the text size setting. But if this is bigger than it used to be, I still don’t know how to explain that change. Sorry, not much help.

You can also check in the Accessibility part of Settings. There are options to increase font sizes there, too.

Exactly my thought. Maybe poke around for similar settings on the individual apps/websites, too.

Yeah checked in that section too and made sure the settings there were not a problem. Sent a note to the mail.com developers and they claim it must be my phone. But the larger type also is in a couple of other apps, like when I write a review in the Apps store. Hmm.