TF2: Can't play Hydro

I have no problems with the rest of TF2, but I can never join any servers playing Hydro, it tells me my version of the map differs from the server. What’s the deal?



Yep, having lots of fun playing the beta on the 360 here!

In your steam folder, under steam apps, there will be a folder for your nick,
with cached maps. Just search for .bsp files. Do you have a different version of
Hydro there? If yes, delete it. If not, I dunno. The client has all TF2 data in a
few big files, so there’s no separate map to get.

I should set up my own server to share the default maps, just in case people
have that sort of problem elsewhere.

You can also try that “Verify Game cache” option. That sometimes fixes stuff.