TF2 - Horde Mode/Co-Op - Man vs Machine

I saw this yesterday and wondering if anyone is going to try it?

Update starts on 08/15/201

I intend this to be my triumphant return to Team Fortress 2. I’m a little giddy about it, frankly.


Does this launch at midnight EST?

I was never great at this game (or any FPS for that matter) but I am planning on trying it again too.

So this is a bot mode w/ …bot skins?

Do you need 5 folks on the human side or can you also have a bot teammate or two?

The cofusing thing for me is that the trailer has 6 players being shown; though everything I have read says 5 against the horde.

from the main page linked above:

“Mann vs. Machine is a new co-operative game for Team Fortress 2 that lets you and five friends wage a desperate battle to stop a lethal horde of robots from deploying a bomb in one of Mann Co.’s many strongholds. Take advantage of breaks between waves to upgrade your abilities and weapons. Survive all the waves in any of a variety of missions to earn incredible loot.”

Ah - you and five friends so it is six altogether!


Really looking forward to giving this a go tonight.

I likes me some team based coop! Time for my not so triumphant return indeed.

Oh man, I didn’t realize this was the format. Count me in! It’s like L4D without the constant dread and being mauled by Jab.

How does one select this to play? I would think it could be filtered? I do not see it anywhere when I start TF2 (I guess it has not updated yet).

Yeah, it’s not live yet. Valve usually perform their TF2 updates late afternoon/early evening PST.

If it was a race between CS:GO and the guys that did MvM, the terrorist win. CSG is released.


I am the more wrong person this year :(.
Its not released yet, like Alan Dunkin say.
The release date seems the 21 this month.

Except… it’s not.

— Alan

Well, something is updating in my TF2.

so you have to buy into mann up mode (99 cents) every time? or did I read that wrong?

then you have the option to buy vouchers and present them for guaranteed gear if you win the match?

I’m confused about that as well. Reading it over a few times, one ticket = one tour of duty that is consumed at the end of it and gives you an item. But then it says that you can repeat the tour for additional items. Does that mean that you just need to unlock the tour once for $.99 , or every-time you want to play a complete tour it’s going to cost you?

Apparently, playing this on official servers in “Mann Up Mode” does cost money.

Q: What is a Tour of Duty Ticket?

A Tour of Duty Ticket gives you access to Mann Up Mode, and can be purchased from the Mann Co. Store for $0.99. You do not need a Tour of Duty Ticket to play Mann vs. Machine on non-Mann Co. servers (i.e.: not in Mann Up Mode).

Welp. That’s that. I guess I’ll never play in an official game.

it appears that your 99 cent ticket gets used up once you successfully complete a tour of duty… or a mission in tour of duty that you failed? wtf am i reading , lol…

Q: How do I earn these items?
There are three ways to earn Mann Up Mode items:

Each time you complete an unfinished Mission on your ToDB in Mann Up Mode, you’ll earn an item. This will consume the Tour of Duty Ticket you presented to enter Mann Up Mode.
When you complete all of the Missions on a ToDB, you’ll earn a random rare item. These rare items can only be obtained by completing ALL Missions in a Tour of Duty.
You can also obtain items using Squad Surplus Vouchers (see below).