TF2 - Horde Mode/Co-Op - Man vs Machine

Could be that I’m simply thick, but I’m unable to find the QT3 server. I’m up for games though. Steam ID is Xenocide08

How do I find a particular server?

Ok - I found add a server - then placed the IP address (and added to favorites). Is there a place to enter the password?

The genius who set up the server I first played on had set it up for 4 human players. That was… Unpleasant.

Go to your favorites tab, there should be a button that will allow you to add a server by hostname:port.

Passworded again so the hoi polloi will be out.

Where are all the Manns? I’m going to jump on and try to get a game going.

edit: woops, guess the server got left in a bad state, should be reset and ok now.

I accidentally found one and since then I stick to it. Is good to start knowing the same faces/hats. What I did was searching in the game browser for a mvm map without bots and with tags. I heard is not a simple task but is faster than wayting 40 mins and then getting a error ( what usually happens if you try the matchmafking thingoide artifact.)

Once you have a server you like you visit history and add it to favorites.

Search for mvm maps, order by players, when you find a map with decent ping and with under 6 players, join.

That’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ve managed to play some matches. Fun mode, but it seems like most of the maps get underused with players sticking to either the very start of a map, or close to the end, and class balance isn’t what it is on normal TF2.

I just played a few rounds myself. I’m not terribly excited to be honest. Before that I was playing some payload maps and managed to get a lot more enjoyment out of it than what I did with this new mode.

Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but care to elaborate on the class balance issues? Are there some that are significantly underpowered in this mode?

Played some more last night. With 6 players who work together, the mode is amazing. However, the game really suffers with fewer than 6 players, or if the players don’t support each other.

Good teams are diligent about spychecking, but pickup groups suck at it.

People seem to be good at killing things, but lazy/clueless about collecting money drops. This is probably just an experience issue with the game mode being new.

Pyros and snipers seem a bit underpowered. Every team needs at least one engineer, for the dispenser if nothing else. Spies turn out to be surprisingly effective, because the robots are terrible at spychecking, and the sapper is area-effect.

Sniper, Scout, Spy, heck, even Demoman.

It’s not so much that they’re underpowered, it’s that another Heavy or Engi would probably be better. Even Pyro is a bit iffy, IMO, but you can always babysit Sentries and Airblast the mean bomb robot away.

Jab and I have been having “quite the time.” I’ve had the most success so far as a Pyro followed by HWG and Engie. Maps are stupid hard.

A pyro built out correctly does a mean amount of killing.

I just build full damage pyro… then chug 3 ubers(costs like 200) which means i get 12 seconds of invulnerability while everything that has existed dies.

But I will agree- engineers and heavies seem a must-have, although the spy can slow non critical units.

Don’t forget the Pyro’s airblast. You can often knock the bomb back or even down a hole…

The problem with engineers that I saw, was that unless you have the wrangler it kills their viability. Last night playing with Jason, the other two engineers could fire their sentries from across a lane before the enemies were in firing range. But since I didn’t have one, I had to wait for them to be close enough to engage them.

Finally got to try it out!

Very fun!

I am Gsharp in TF2.

I am really bad at FPS but I think I did decent (for me).

We won! (Got to brag to my four kids)

True, but you could be reloading their sentries. Wrangler chews up ammo quick.

I’ve finished a grand total of 1 map so far (Thanks for the server, xahlt!), but not really. Let’s just say, “glitched bomb hole is credit to team”.

I’m enjoying it more than I was on night 1, that’s for sure. It’s pretty cool, just super difficult.