TF2 on XBox laggy - just me?

I’ve never seen this on any XBox game, or any game with my DSL connection (6Mbps down, 1.5up). The game is laggy as hell!

Any similar observations?

Oh, and did you also know that you can get achievements in System Link mode with 1 player? Hah!

Just you.

The more players you have in a game, the more chance for a laggy connection, especially with it all being peer-to-peer. I’ve had lag in plenty of Xbox360 games, but it almost exclusively due to one player having a horrible connection. It was like that in Shadowrun or Battlefield, and it’s like that in Halo 3 and TF2 for me. Try to play smaller matches and just hope for the best.

Yeah, I’ve tried a few games and more often than not it has been laggy, often to the point of unplayability. If they don’t fix it, I suspect I’m never going to really be able to get into it.

It seems they’re doing a lot less to ensure you get matched up with people who have a decent ping than Halo 3 does. I’d like to try and get a group of QT3ers together to see if we can all get a decent connection and put a team together - anyone game?

I had heard complaints of the XBOX version being weak. Serves you right for not playing on PC!


Huh, weird to hear a few people having lag issues with TF2. Other than occasional lag, the same I’d get in any game, I haven’t had any problems.

You’re probably getting lag cause whoever hosted the game’s connection sucks balls.

I’ve played like 8 hours of TF2 on the 360 and have had no lag.

They should have allowed people to run their own servers, even for the 360,
with the regular dedicated server. But no mixing. Snobs on one server, couch potatoes on the other.

For hosting, the game gives you a suggested number of players based on your bandwidth. Some people are ignoring that and jacking up the number of players.

When they do that, you will see the limitations of their upstream pipe. Short term, try a different host. Long term we are trying to do some things to make it clearer what is happening. You can normally tell pretty quickly if the host is going to be a bad one. If it is laggy, switch. It is most likely not going to get better.


So seems like it was not just Xpav.

Ah-hah! I knew I wasn’t crazy!

This part is rich

but you have to wonder how an multiplayer-only game gets released with online networking issues this severe?

Because, ya know, it doesn’t come with HL2, EP1,EP2, and Portal, clearly it’s an MP only game in the vein of ShadowRun.

Because, ya know, it doesn’t come with HL2, EP1,EP2, and Portal, clearly it’s an MP only game in the vein of ShadowRun.

The quote is the context of TF2, full stop. There are no bots and an offline mode, this much is true. Depending on your perspective, TF2 can be considered the multiplayer “feature” of the Orange Box experience - or it can be considered a game in it’s own right. Valve has priced and offered it on an individual basis so it’s rather clear where they stand as far as the developer is concerned, if you want to buy it from them as a single game you are able to do that.

Semantics aside, if the 1UP article is true and they already have a patch out the door I’d find that to be embarrasing. I have had some minor issues in Gears and Halo 3 with shitty hosts specifically, but those games didn’t receive network level patching to alleviate the recurrence of similar experiences.

I’d imagine it’s a fucking bear to be in the position of Valve though, they’ve gotten accustomed to broadcasting patches over Steam at their own discretion so having to wait for the green light from MS on these issues would seem annoying at best.

Also for the 360?

Also for the 360?

No, I don’t think you can and in my (in)consideration I completely glossed over this point. However, it’s also true that The Orange Box doesn’t come with CS:S, which shipped as the multiplayer component of HL2 - which you could also buy standalone, if I recall. It doesn’t come with HL2DM either, which was released for free well after the initial HL2 release.

I would also consider TF2 a larger and more well rounded multiplayer experience than either of those titles, separately or considered as one entity. Either way, this discussion is really about networking performance on the 360 with TF2 and less to do with arguments over subjective interpretations of what is an acceptable definition of the word “game” in the scope of what is effectively a three headed dog of a PC port.

Tangentially, I would clarify this statement as follows: Valve has priced and offered it on an individual basis…
Even if you do not consider the standalone product a rational investment on either side of the fence (or a viable one in the case of the 360), the fact remains that in their advertising material they go to great lengths to promote the idea that you are saving lots of money because “individually priced” these titles would retail for a cumulative total of $129.75.

I’m not saying this settles the debate, just another data point and another perspective provided by the marketing team at Valve.

I’ve gone into Halo 3 expecting to have some laggy experiences until the matchmaking system can fully decide who the good hosts are and aren’t.

This is actually the primary reason they limited BTB to 12 at launch - they wanted extra time to determine who the right people were to host matches. For a peer-to-peer system, Halo 3’s matchmaking is very impressive.

On the whole I’ve found Halo 3 multiplayer really solid. CoD4 beta was as well. Occasionally you accidentally get a really bad host but for the most part it’s really smooth.

I pointed that quote out as it’s an absurd assertion. You can’t get TF2 as a stand alone product for the 360, it is not a multiplayer only game there like ShadowRun. That article is badly written.

Out of curiosity, where does the game obtain this information?

Not only is TF2 laggy, from time to time, but it’s locked up my system three times when the host drops the connection.

TF2 is fun as hell and, in spite of what manly men here on the board have been saying, is much less serious than Halo 3. However, I have some issues with it:

  1. Lag and lockups.
  2. I spend much more time searching for games than I think I should need to.
  3. Having to endure mental defectives in the lobby before the game starts is trying.
  4. The game has a high arsehole quotient/ In about four hours I’ve run into more paramecium mouth breathers than I met in two weeks playing Halo 3.

Dear Valve: Please go look at what Bungie did for Halo 3 and copy that. KTHXBYE!