TF2 update coming Thu 2/14

And Spies. I could add “And Spies” to pretty much any tip about TF2, but they rock for these spire points. Defenders and attackers reach the top the same way, so for once a Spy isn’t trying to run in the opposite direction to the team he’s pretending to be on. And people quickly learn that it’s not practical to look behind them while walking up a spiral staircase.

I tend to slip up there early, reveal myself when the midcap falls, hold my breath till the Soldiers and Scouts cotton on, and cloak and drop out as soon as there’s trouble. Gets it more than halfway capped every time, which puts the enemies on defense for the rest of the game.

Earlier a Sniper strafed into view on the battlements while I was doing this, and I lolwtfpwned him in the face with a crit revolver shot. I’m guessing that wasn’t a fun game for him.

I was really enjoying Badlands, but games are now consistently being ruined by an exploit where engineers place sentries underground near the center point. I’m sure it’ll be fixed quickly, but by then I’ll be off at GDC.

Dear Valve: please track these jackasses, ban 'em, and publicize it. At least make people hesitate a little before engaging in general dickery.

Under the bridge, or actually outside of the map?

Do we know anything about Pyro’s gender?

Literally under the map.

Ah, it’s the Gravelpit bug all over again. Valve is probably on it right now.

Played a server today where anyone who stepped into the area which allowed the exploit to begin instantly died.

Not sure if this is Valve, or that server.

yeah, i first noticed it yesterday and now almost every badlands game someone is exploiting this map bug.

There’s another map hole where you can get behind a fence in the corner left of the spawn areas, with a nice view of everything in the center. Snipers out there are no fun, though most everything else is too far away to be a problem.

Gonna see if I can replicate that locally.

Nevermind. Same exploit - teleporter can be built behind fence.

Supposedly female (or maybe a tranny I guess); there’s one map where if you check out the team lockers the Pyro’s locker has a purse in it.

— Alan

I have been waiting very patiently for a “Meet the Pyro” movie like the others.

Meet the Pyro is next, I think, as Meet the Medic has been delayed.

I’ve only played badlands about 3 times and so far I hate it. Defense is pointless unless you stumble on an exploit. I like maps where you can setup lines of defense and have a chance to win but maps like bad lands require the entire team to be on offense or your team will lose.

If you’re getting that from RPS, it’s not the case. That post was based on our podcast, where I actually say the Medic one is probably still going to be next - it’s just not coming with the achievement pack as originally planned. Last I heard, anyway. Robin didn’t give any info on when the Pyro one was due, only that it would resolve some of the questions about its gender.

“Or not,” he added, helpfully.

I’ve played a number of matches now where the action has centered on the teams fighting over that 4th spire point – one team backs up and builds a huge defense inside its base and the other team sets up at midfield and the two battle back for a half-hour or so. So it’s totally possible to play defense; the only problem is that it takes so much effort that it can be really hard to break through and turn the match around. The best you can usually hope for at that point is a stalemate.

I’m expecting the Meet the Pyro to play out where they keep you guessing the whole time and leave it ambiguous.


As great as all the characters are, I’d love to see alternate characters in all the roles, including some female characters. Maybe I just want to watch a TF2 cartoon.

I saw a pretty good mock-up of an all-female team. It was pretty good and I liked the variety.

— Alan


No. It was a female redo of the nine-class pose lineup shot, though the costumes (with the exception of the Pyro) were somewhat different. It was so well done I could have thought it was actually official.

— Alan

Edit: oops my mistake, it’s not at all what I remembered it to be.