TF2 update coming Thu 2/14

Yeah, the one Andre linked to are a lot better, even if he’s only done 4 characters. Those are great. Although, I do like the idea of the Heavy as a little girl in the group shot above.

I think the heavy-as-little-anime-girl is pretty funny, but I really like all of the designs, except for maybe the soldier (the Pyro note has the purse I mentioned previously). The doctor is the only other one that’s really kind of out of place…

— Alan

What I don’t like about most of the designs in the group shot is that they all (well, minus the Pyro and Heavy) look like generic anime sexpot characters. All skimpy or tight outfits, tiny waists, big boobs, etc. etc.

The guys i linked are actually trying to turn those designs into a mod :)

I had seen the picture that Alan posted but, like you mentioned, it looks very much like anime/manga and while cool, the designs don’t feel very TF2ish to me :)

I think it’d be a mistake for Valve to do that though.

Being able to instantly recognize the class of any opponent is important, adding multiple models for each class just makes that harder.

I think I have a solution to the problem

The game would be so much better if these were the characters.

Why aren’t they?

Heh, that is too funny.

— Alan

That’s awesome Joel :)

People who support generic high school anime-ish drawings over TF2 models are the exact people whose artistic advice you want to ignore.

Nice work!

I think the best ones going so far are Nekos because he’s trying to keep the Valve “feel”. The scout is already in the modeling stage.

Here’s the thread on Steam forums with concept art.

And here’s the scouts model progress on FPSBanana.

That is totally not an image of my creation, fyi. I think it’s from 4chan.

Joel… that was amazing.

Yes, I think so too.

Many bothans gave their lives to get us this information.

Probably more effort than it was worth:

TF2 Update released today, notable fixes are the spy front stabs and the Badlands exploits.

Spy front stabs?