TGS nonevent?

So…TGS. Doesn’t really seem like a lot of news coming out of it this year. Nintendo is absent as always and MS did their press conference last week, but even Sony haven’t seemed to announce much of interest. Is TGS kind of a nonevent this year or is there some news I’m not aware of , or something likely to still be announced?

In the past few years I always had the idea that TGS was very Sony focused, since Nintendo never participated and Microsoft prefered their own X events in the fall. Since Sony showed a lot of stuff at E3, not too long ago, I think it’s kind of normal there aren’t any major announcements.

Kingdom hearts DS and PSP spinoffs together with some hand on impressions about allready announced games seem to be as good as it gets. Rumours say Nintendo will hold a 2008 focused event early november, and I think MS allready announced X07 earlier this month.

Events are domed!

Funny that PS3 getting a rumble controller(finally) is like the biggest story out of the show.

We just came off a couple of years of new hardware announcements and then releases, it is not too surprising that the shows this year (E3 was a snoozer too even if you ignore the whole new format thing) were relatively boring.