"Thank God For Dead Soldiers"

Disturbing, is the only word for it I think. There is just so much in this video that defies words.


Is that a man? Was that a man? Hard to say.

edit: It’s a shocking sight to see a Fox News person laying in to a religious nut. They don’t do that often.

“You’re obviously a nut”

Man, is she ever. It is scary; she smiles and talks like a regular person, but all that comes out of her mouth is craziness.

The weirdest part was how they briefly tried to like discuss the issue with her as if she was capable of reason. Like she’s going to be “Oh, when you put it that way I am crazy. I’m going to go become a productive member of society now, thanks for the headsup”

I was going to post this yesterday, but my head exploded about 40 seconds into the interview. She totally has those overly bright eyes and fake smile of a serial killer, though. She didn’t have to say a word for you to know she was bat-shit insane.

Erik J.

On the upside, eventually her and her cult will all kill themselves. One way or another.

Hopefully they’ll tell us where the funeral will be held so we can go heckle them and drink a nice, tall glass of kool-aid.

Erik J.

She sounds like a normal Christian who has given up trying to impress people by pretending to be reasonable.

EDIT: Oh man, I almost convinced myself. She’s nuts.

Hannity: “And the fact that you use religion to justify… your… hatred this way, frankly, it’s mind-numbing.”

Best quote by far.

They really put Hannity in a bind there. Why couldn’t the Phelps clan just stick to protesting the funerals of people killed by AIDS and hate crimes?

Ha ha ha, I love Colmes in that clip. “Hi, it’s Alan Colmes. What’s the matter with you?”

I’m confused, she’s protesting at soldier’s funerals because she’s pissed at the US army’s stance on gays, which is, to my knowledge, that anyone who is gay and admits it gets kicked out. What the hell does she want, a summary firing squad? Oh, stupid question, of course she does.

Well, from what I gather, she’s protesting at these funerals because she’s saying that dead soldiers are god’s wrath for promoting homosexuality. So in other words, all these soldiers deserved to die because the US is teh gay.

No, Kalle, God is killing American soldiers because he’s pissed that the American government doesn’t oppress gays enough.

Also, how pathetic are you when Alan “Glass Joe” Colmes is kicking you around in a debate?

I can’t stop laughing at this.

More great entertainment here: http://religiousfreaks.com/

Glenn who?

Just Glenn. Like Cher or Bono.