"Thank God For Dead Soldiers"

Or Dork.

No, that’s a capitalized fifties-era insult. Hitler would work too, though.

She’s got a point, though. She may be crazy, but is certainly logically and consistently so.

I think that’s Carrie’s mother’s sister or something.

I’m just wondering where is the bible verse that says “If you stick it in the wrong hole a soldier dies”.

Wow, just wow…

I don’t think it takes anything but a literal mind to interpret what the Bible does say on the matter that way. Mrs Whacko is right on target. Much like scientology, I find her existence repellent but reasonable.

I know what you’re getting at, but you might want to reconsider before associating that video with the word “reasonable.”

Is that supposed to be like bonus points when you’re crazy? I find these types of crazy even worse than simply drool-crazy.

To be sure, it is unorthodox. But I think what she concludes is, in fact, logically derived from what are alleged to be her foundational principles. Those are, of course, shared by plenty of people considered to be quite reasonable be civilized folks everywhere. That’s why objectivism, for instance, never really took off. Following ideals to their ends is dirty work, and requires a special kind of crazy.

I don’t know. I became an atheist to avoid exactly that sort of thought experiment.

I find these types of crazy even worse than simply drool-crazy.

I don’t know how I feel about it. I just know that if Fox News is lampooning it successfully there is more to the story that merits thinking about. Not, mind you, that her points are valid. Just that they say a lot more about the core of her philosophy than about soldiers’ funerals. Or gays, for that matter.

If they want to believe the bible hyper-literally, they had best start stoning some children and sacrificing some animals.

It would be quite amusing to point out to the Phelps clan how much more hardcore the Landover Baptist church is.

No sound at work, is this the “church” that goes round to Soldier’s funerals to, basically, taunt the family?

Well, that’s the thing. They appear to play by the literal rules of our society, not the spirity behind them. Then they use our own defense mechanisms (media outrage) as a means of getting their message out. I mean, especially on Fox, I bet their were viewers going goddamn she has a point.

While I hate Bill O’Reily, Id love to see him interview her.

I think it’s funny, and like Glass Joe said, the best disinfectant is letting them go on TV and bury themselves.

The funny part is that they do about the single worst possible things to try and illustrate their beliefs. They believe it with such focussed zeal, and yet their public behavior could just as well be calculated to turn even potential allies into enemies.

Or, maybe that’s the point. Make them hate us, prove we’re God’s special chosen.

Did anyone see how upset she got when Hannity challenged her to name her own sins?

… thats the craziest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.

don’t say that or you’ll make Koontz jealous

I fucked 'er.

Like I said, I was impressed with her composure when it was obvious from the start she was brought on only to be mocked and insulted. Rightfully so, but still. I thought Hannity’s sin question was a cheap shot at an otherwise easy target. She wasn’t, after all, claiming to be chosen due to her perfection, but rather her diligent efforts to adhere to the letter of the law in the bible.

I was far more interested in the background stuff about the church and its alleged history of ahem controversial stances that (I think) Colmes brought up. It could have put a little background on where the hell these people came from if it had been followed through.

He’d probably meet his match yet again. His entire schtick is based on talking over people and being obnoxious; I don’t see how his interview style could do anything but strengthen her position. Not that I see her gathering a large following from any sort of exposure, I just think it’s even more pathetic that the TV personalities used to heckle subjects rather than interview them these days would end up disgracing themselves even when confronted with a kook like this.