Thank god you're here

cancel this show now

Agreed, didn’t even crack a smile and bailed after 20 min.

I didn’t even make it through the promos for the show.

The problem with the show is that the nameless facillitator actively prevents the stars from going buck wild with the funny.

I thought a couple of them were funny, but “Who’s Line is it anyway” was much funnier. There’s too much structure to the show, so it leaves the actor riding on rails for the most part.

I found the “warmup” pieces to be funnier than the rest of the show.

I’m 180 degrees away from you all. I did not particularly like “Who’s Line…” but thought this show was great.

FWIW - the episode I watched had Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld). I think there was one other episode broadcast, too, but I didn’t see the other one.

I saw the part with the father from Malcolm in the Middle – really funny! Probably highly dependent on the quality of the actor.