Thank goodness we have campaign finance reform

… or else we’d have rich people donating millions and millions into the campaigns of the candidates.

Umm, kinda like this:

And it obviously is a not a one party issue.

Yeah the post Citizens United stage of campaigning is a pretty disgusting place. :(

Ben and Jerry’s wants to overturn Citizen’s United.

Is it really all that different from what Soros has been doing? I mean that as a question.

Funding institutions and infrastructure for ideas is quite a bit different from running television ads.

Soros doesn’t put money into “liberal” ads?

Either directly or indirectly?

Looks like a few million to Move On back in 2004, which I guess indirectly led to ads, and 24 million to 527s (which do turnout). Apparently 2004 was the only election cycle he’s done that.

Bringing attention to the issue by exploiting it.

Is Fox News a super PAC? Just aimed at Republican interests instead of a specific candidate?

This is a succinct defense of the concept that money is speech.

That’s amazing. This shit is basically satire-proof because it’s almost impossible to exaggerate, so Colbert just participates in it for real.

Anyone who cares about Citizens United should watch Tuesday’s Colbert Report. He has a legal way to disburse, tax-free, the remaining $800,000 in his PAC by passing it through a few nonprofit entities.


Still…this is 100% of the reason why you don’t have a ‘real’ democracy in the usa. Now we don’t have a ‘real’ democracy in the uk either, but that is less about funding and more about the structure over which our democracy formed in the first place.

So yes i’m not blanket criticizing the usa (which is not my thing) so much as saying you could probably have a real democracy if you sorted this all out, where as in the uk we are unlikely to see that possibility.

It would be a start, but there’s also fixing gerrymandering and the electoral college to go. Then we would have the government our noble citizens deserve, and you can enjoy the glow of cities burning over your western horizon.

i’m naive, but why would they burn? People get to really vote (shape society), lawyers and big business can’t massage the result? surely all win (for most Americans, as opposed to the few that currently benefit)?

Or are you saying true freedom is dangerous (which has never been by experience of it, looking outside of large governmental modern systems of governance)?

The latter. I don’t have much fondness for the “average citizen” when it comes to making rational, informed, long-range decisions.

. . . and for those of you who privately think the average citizen is actually a cut above, surely I’m being negative, etc.:

From the other thread, Georgia lawmakers holding sessions on Obama’s U.N. brainwashing program. These people will be enthusiastically voted back into office by the electorate.

yeah but 99% of all that comes from exactly the same small percentage that have corrupted our democracy in the first place. They want to keep people ‘dumb’ and chasing their own tails (in effect), so they can carry on the process or undermining democracy to be the corporate-serving process it currently is (well, much more so in america than the uk, but we have the same kind of issue/will face the same danger as you do at some point etc).

I don’t blame ‘the people’ for this, it is the money behind the program of indoctrination that has led us to where we are now, and the people behind that funding that are the real problem in our societies.

There’s a constitutional amendment being proposed by Utah Sen Tom Udell to overturn Citizen’s United. Charlie Pierce’s article on it says they’ve got 26 senators so far.