Thank you, Ubisoft marketing department

I really like that they couldn’t secure the rights for the original Fame song but went with “In the style of Irene Cara”

I was going to watch the vid, but after 2 publisher logos, I thought “I can’t be arsed”. Why do they bother with that crap?

Really? I just timed it and both logos are a combined 5 seconds. Your threshold for losing interest is 5 seconds?

Somewhere it was claimed that the click-away threshold when surfing web videos is three seconds.

when it comes to watching spinny publisher logos, even shorter!

Is that it, or did they grab the version from the recent remake?


On YouTube, I’m gone exactly as soon as I see that the first frame is cornflower blue.

This strikes me as the American version of the Japanese dance game where you use your hands.

Its the EA effect. You know, where they have their spinny circle logo every bloody place possible. E A LOGOS… ITS IN THE GAME.

The thing I really love about this video is that is has an image or .gif that could be used as a response to anything.

I guess cliffski can’t stomach watching a single film, either. SO MANY LOGOS! ARGH!

Actually it DOES get on my tits that I have to be told who fucking produced the film, in association with such and such, with help from the production company of such and such… before I get to watch the damn thing.

I bought a peugeot car. When I start it up, it doesn’t say “Bought to you by peugeot” and then make me watch the logos of the companies that made the tyres and the fucking brake pads before I can drive it.
When I Listen to music, the first 10 seconds isn’t a load of waffle about the record company. The name of the publisher is on a book, but I can turn the page instantly.
Whats so special about movies and games that they think we want to sit through publisher branding before we are entertained?
Ubisoft can go fuck themselves.

So I don’t really feel strongly about it.

Most irritating is that you see all the logos when loading a DVD then you see them all again when starting the film. That games have started making publisher logos unskippable is not a good trend. And honestly, who gives a toss once they own the game anyway?

Man, it’s almost like they’re trying to sell you something. :)

So are you guys going to make fun of me if I say I really liked those promos? Because I did. I have no idea what sort of game Just Dance is going to be, but those promos made it seem hip, spirited, colorful, subversive, and fun for all ages. Whee!


So I take it you got that marketing job?

Hey, have you guys heard about R.U.S.E.™?


I stopped getting books from the library because that ‘property of the Brookline Public Library’ stamped inside the front cover was just too fucking much. I get it, Brookline! You have a library! Stop advertising to me, assholes!

errr… like I actually said, not only in my post, but in the bit that YOU QUOTED…
I can turn the page instantly.

Maybe you can, but that shit fucking galls me! Do you know how many tenths of a second it takes to turn all those pages? Fuck that shit. I’ll go find a book that has had the cover and first four pages already torn out, thanks.


The shit these assholes expect a busy guy like me to put up with.

Don’t even get me started on comic books. Every goddam issue with the title at the top and the publisher in the upper-left hand corner. Sure, you say it only takes me a microsecond to recognize and process that stamp, that little DC or Marvel symbol, but those microseconds add up, dude. By the time my life is over I will have wasted nearly .05 seconds looking at publisher stamps on comics, and you know what? Those .05 seconds could be better spent curing cancer, thanks.