Thanks, and no more contributions to my account please!

Thanks to all of you who tossed in to help cover some of the payment that was sent to get the QT3 domain back. I really didn’t intend to try to get covered for this, but thanks to those who helped out.

But please, no more! I want to contribute some of my own, and you guys are awfully generous. I would recommend that somehow any further contributions go to Tom and Mark directly so they can invest it in the board.

Thanks again. It just goes to show the quality of the folks who gather here, even when we vigorously and emotionally disagree with each other. :wink:


just paypal any extra $$$ to chick. it makes paypal rich off the commissions.

I’ll 2nd that. If there is too much money just send it to Tom Chick for next years registration of Qt3.

fuck you, jeff. i’m sending you more money and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it, asshole.

i’ll show you… $200 IN YOUR FACE!

LOL! I actually went to my Paypal account to see if that was real. I guess that was the equivilent of “made you look.” :)

Hey Jeff… remember that $4.50 you borrowed from me at E3 two years ago when we were in line at the Starbucks? Yeah, well I guess I’ll let you off the hook. Your brother still needs to pay up though.