Thanks for the memories

I just read the Greenspeak announcing the end of Greenspeak. That was an excellent monthly column, and I’m sorry to see it go. Good job getting out on top, and thanks for writing it the last 4 1/2 years.

Now can I have my goddamn Greenspeak archive, somewhere on the internet? Hah? Now? Can I?

That sucks. :evil: Greenspeak and Three FIngered Salute are always the first things I read each month. Guess CGW doesn’t want any monthly editorials except for the dinky one column stuff like Homebrew…

Ack, I still remember the day Green’s column first appeared on that backpage. I pictured him driving off Martin Cirulis with a giant shoe-horn and a pointy stick.

What’s the deal with that, Green?

I ain’t Jeff, and I rarely make posts that actually have to do with work (or contain “content”), but take it from a monkey on the inside: the backpage will still be an editorial. In fact, Jeff is writing the front one, and there will be a new backpage with someone else. I’ll let BIGBOSSMAN leak out more details.

I’m sorry to see Greenspeak go, but I’m glad it’s being replaced by a new editorial column.

Thanks, guys.

Not an easy decision for me. I’m still not sure, but it just felt right–at
least at the time. I’m going back and forth now. And certainly everyone’s kind words aren’t helping! :)

Basically, I did feel it was time to, uh, “go out on top”–because my instinct was telling me that the quality was starting to slip, partly because I had been doing it so long, but, more importantly, because my job as Editor In Chief was negatively affecting my ability to be the “back page clown”. Conversely, it was also hard to remind myself every day that I was the boss and not just columnist guy.

Honestly, I’d RATHER just be the clown–I think I fit that job description better–but as long as I have the damn EIC job I realized something had to give. The last thing I would want would be to see that page compromised.

And, yeah, as Scooter said–I’ll write the front editorial now. It won’t be “Greenspeak” but hopefully I’ll have a chance to make the occasional Comedy Joke. And the back page is being replaced by a more-than-able writer who I know is gonna do a great job.

And in other column news, we’re bringing back the esteemed Loyd Case, who’ll be writing a one-page column in the Tech section.

Jeff, glad to see you’ll still be cracking jokes in the front page…and the news about Loyd is great too. Thanks for the update.

My wife, who isn’t a gamer, made sure to read Greenspeak every month because of the sharp, Dave Barry-esque wit. (I agree it’s a great part of the mag.)

To do my part as the obedient husband, she’d like me to pass along the message to incorporate a “Gaming Widow” column, for all the lonely wives of avid gamers. She’d also like to see a sports column deconstructing how well football teams play based on the attractiveness of their “costumes,” but that’s another subject, for another place.

Sorry to see the column go Jeff. IMHO it was the best column on gaming currentlly being written.

Keep up the good work at CGW,


I always read Greenspeak first and then flip backwards through the mag. because I am a freak.

I understand how you feel pulled in different directions and had to make an executive decision. If the “kind words” are making you swing in the direction of not giving it up even though you know it would be in the magazine’s best interests, I can give you some harsh words to help out:

-That column sucked.
-Good riddance.
-Jeff Green sucks ass.
-I would not line the bottom of my birdcage with the magazine’s backpage.
-Finally, maybe they can get someone level headed to write a column like Derek Smart.

There. You feel better now, Jeff?

“And in other column news, we’re bringing back the esteemed Loyd Case, who’ll be writing a one-page column in the Tech section.”

Well thats cool to hear.

I’ll stick with the I am in the favor of keeping ‘Greenspeak’ or something like it around. If a writer thinks they arn’t doing the quailty work they want then I can agree, but i don’t think it affects the integrity or that it means you have be serious in your discussion of gaming issues because your EIC now. It sounds like “We’ll I’m in charge now so I can’t write this type of column anymore…got to ‘grow up’ and be serious”. I mean we are talking about computer games. :wink:

I let my sub to CGW lapse a few years ago because I was mad about something. I think it was because I got an issue that was so thin that it was actually translucent.

At any rate, after using that issue like plastic wrap to cover some leftovers in the fridge, I saw your picture through the back cover and I had a great pang of despair at the fact that my shallow and vindictive gesture would mean that I would be deprived of your column, which was the highlight of every issue.

The leftovers and the offending issue are now long gone to the great landfill in the sky (i.e. on earth) but the joy that I took from reading your column remain, although only in a vague way since I don’t remember anything you actually ever said.

Anyway, keep up the good work over at Saran Wrap Gaming World Jeff!

I hereby nominate SpoofyChop for Funniest Poster on this forum. This guy is often hilarious.

Public Comments:

I would like to announce the following:

Because I am the shallowest and most insecure guy on the entire board, I’ll have to dissociate myself from Brian Koontz’s highly innacurate comments concerning my humorosity in the following manner:

“Brian Koontz has been roundly criticized on QT3 by many popular kids like Chet, Erik, and Met_K. In order to continue in futility to someday aspire to be thought of as cool by the other popular kids, I hereby criticize Brian even though he has been nice to me.”

“Dear Brian, I hereby criticize you roundly, especially for thinking that I am the funniest guy here. That honor belongs to Chet or Erik who are both paid actual cash money to be professionally funny.”

Private comments: (Please stop reading if you aren’t Brian…thanks!)

Brian, I think you are the most insightful commentator on this whole forum. Sorry for that whole disavowal, but I’ve worked long and hard to be popular with the other Magister Mundi Sums, and I’m not about to throw that away just because you happen to be extremely correct about me and how funny I am.

I mean, consider my position! If I seem like I’m agreeing with you about something, then Mark or Tom might come along and bump me down to a “Mea culpa” or a “Persona non grata” or a “Tabula Rasa” or something even worse. Maybe It will say -232 posts next to my username, then what will I do!?

On the other hand, if I kiss butt and continue to agree with the right people, they may eventually create a new ranking for me like “Sui Generis” or “Sine qua non.” That’s what I’m shooting for.

So if I had to give you a bit of advice, I’d say you should stop complimenting me, and start complimenting the popular kids! Also, don’t disagree with them, and if they ask you to smoke, drink, or do drugs, you should go along with it even if it makes your grades suffer and your parents get mad. It’ll be worth it, trust me! Just think, someday maybe you and me will be a pair of “sui generises,” then all the bowing and scraping we did will have paid off.

Flying out to southern California, the first thing Ied pull from my backpack was the new CGW, and as always I headed straight to the back page first. And then I read that Greenspeak was ending.

About damn time!

No, kidding. Seriously, I’m bummed. It wasn’t sucking yet! Still enjoyed it every month. But I can see where being EIC could put a damper on what you could make fun of without pissing people off.

Ah well, it’ll be interesting to see who the new back-page columnist is! Oooh, it’s not me, it it???

And kudos on bring Loyd back. Good move!

Jeff Green is GEORGE WILL-esque, not Dave Barry-esque! [size=2]At least, that’s what he says anyway.[/size]

Sad to see Greenspeak go. But since I already scanned in the little photo of his head that used to top the column, I can just paste the Jeff Head on top of other people’s columns and pretend it’s him. I have effectively done this with yesterday’s “Dear Abby”, an article about wicker patio furniture by Lynette Jennings, and a gay sex column by Dan Savage. It’s like he never left us at all.

Is that the picture of him picking his nose? I’ve often wondered if Jeff got his finger out of there because it was embedded so deeply in his cranium…


On second thought, Dave Barry is shamelessly Jeff Green-esque.