Thanks, Obama!

Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory

Obama is a secret Muslim
Obama is bringing 100 million Muslims to America
Obama is in the pocket of the Muslim Brotherhood
Obama redecorated the Oval Office in Middle Eastern style
Obama’s ring has a Koranic verse on it
Obama was born in Kenya
Obama was a Black Panther
Obama wouldn’t say the Pledge of Allegiance
Obama’s coming for your guns
Obama is planning FEMA concentration camps
Obama caused the BP oil spill
Obama was behind the Aurora massacre
Obama faked bin Laden’s death
Obama’s planning a third term

Thanks, Obama!

Awesome. I was expecting “Bill Ayers ghostwrote Dreams from my Father” to be in the sham section, but instead it was under radical leftist.

Wow, 100 million? You’d think more than just the wingnuts would notice if that happened.

Definitely not racism

No, DEFINITELY not. Why, the very idea!

Thanks Obama Gifs

C’mon we all might have gotten a chance at Mars. Goddam Muslims.

The Washington Times seems to think Obama wants to end charity in America. Obviously, he hates charity work.

The Washington Times is not a serious newspaper.

More specifically, The Washington Times is a house organ for the Unification Church, aka Moonies.

London has the Daily Mail, NYC has the NY Post, D.C. has the Washington Times - every major city has at least one crappy newsrag.

The Washington Times is on a whole different level than the Daily Fail or the NY Compost.

A very funny song sung to the music of the Beatles song “Lady Madonna”

It’s worse than that, The Daily Hate is a national paper. Evening Standard is London’s paper.

This phrase has been a gold mine for shouting out in work discussions.

So did this start with Penny Arcade? Because there was that cartoon several years ago, then a long period of silence, and now it’s a meme. I wonder if it grew out of that or if it was an independent origin.

A lizard.

A lizard?

(Reuters) - Researchers have named a newly discovered, prehistoric lizard “Obamadon gracilis” in honor of the 44th president’s toothy grin.
A lizard!