Thanks, Sega Sports

For refusing to release your Sports games on the GameCube. Thanks, Sega, I was rooting for you to win the Sports Game war as I always love the underdog, I loved the underappreciated sports games, especially NBA and NFL, that you release.

Now I am forced to spend my NFL gaming time playing Madden 2004, the big-wig, the herculean beast (which isn’t bad, it’s just that I want EA to have some stiff competition). What will it take for you to release your sports games on Nintendo’s platform again? My begging? :(

And to you other GameCube die-harders: Start liking sports games, dammit! You don’t want to lose EA Sports as well, and then not have any sports games to play, do you?

Here’s to ESPN NBA 2004…err… I mean, NBA Live 2004.

I’m kind of curious, how many people (here or anywhere, really) have a GameCube but not a PS2 or Xbox? Most of the people that I know that have a GameCube have one of the other systems. Besides, with multi-port games it has always seemed to me that the best version is typically the Xbox one.

You know, the Xbox is pretty much the best sports console. Having that hard drive makes it MUCH easier to handle all those franchise modes. Get an XBOX !!!


The sales numbers on the GC speak for themselves. I just don’t think it made any sense for Sega to do the GC ports of those games… I remember seeing sales figures for previous titles in the Sega Sports lineup on the Gamecube, and they were abysmal.

Also, I can’t imagine playing a sports game (or even a fighting game!) with that Gamecube controller… it doesn’t fit for anything but 3d platform titles!


Count me among the Cubed, but Xboxless and PS2less. And with Sony announcement that the PS3 will be backwards compatible, I think I’ll just skip the PS2 (as a platform, I’ll still pick up some games for when I get the PS3). If the successor of the Xbox will be backwards compatible, I might even skip it too, although I’m jonesing for some KOTOR action.

Edit for mtkafka: FIFA 2002 on the Cube is amazing regardless of the controller.

Madden on Gamecube plays great with the GC controller. And get this…it works with four players while you have to buy an extra piece of equipment to do the same on PS2. If you own those two consoles, the choice was pretty easy, especially if you’re not interested in online play.

You also get all the fantasy teams if you link up GBA Madden. Bonus!

I couldn’t stand Madden 2003 on GameCube… I mean… that memory card is WAAAAAAY too small. Did they fix it for 2004, Dave? Like… make franchises take up less space?

It requires almost an entire Memory Card 251, which is pretty much the standard GC memory card now. But you only need one of those and you’re set if franchise is your cup of tea. I don’t usually play full seasons and stuff in these games because it just takes too long. Give me Tecmo Super Bowl’s seasons over Madden or ESPN any day. I can see the complaint though and it’s a valid one.

As far as gameplay and graphics go, this year’s Madden on GC is every bit as good as the others as far as I can tell. I love the GC analog stick and I don’t play online, so for me the choice is easy. I haven’t played Sega’s game this year. My only gripe with Madden is really in the presentation. They need better and more varied player animation and they need to work on how players hold the ball. It’s little things that make the game seem kind of video gameish while Sega’s offering last year even was more fluid and eyecatching.

For online play this is so true. Especially with the XSN sports site.

It’s only true for online play if you don’t want to play the most popular football game on the planet online, Madden NFL 2004.


For online play this is so true. Especially with the XSN sports site.[/quote]

Any idea if Microsoft in the future will expand their sports network to include the Sega games? I like the idea, but out of the three football games, I’m sticking with Sega’s offering, online or offline, so I’m not getting Fever 2004 or Madden.

Well, I did previously purchase NFL 2K3 when it first came out last year, and I loved it. I mean, sure it had the dropped ball problem but other than that I had a blast.

And I know Sega’s decision was mostly due to the abysmal sales on the GC platform, and I do blame both GC owners and Nintendo (for not supporting online yet) for that.

The GC controller is just fine for all kinds of games, in my opinion. Except for the fact that, generally, the Z button is in a bad place.

I have been forever pondering why the majority of GC owners are not into sports games. And I am not talking about the GC owners that also own an Xbox/PS2, I mean the sole GC owners, which there are -lots- of. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m going to have to plead the, “Sports Games Suck Shit,” amendment on this one.

Madden is a fine game but ESPN is better (I own ESPN, borrowed Madden). Also my guess is ESPN Hockey is better than NHL 2004 unless EA completely turned it around. NHL 2k3 was far and away better than NHL 2003 and ESPN NHL is better than 2k3 by a good bit. So you have a better football game plus the best hockey game hands down and they look better than the PS2.

It requires almost an entire Memory Card 251, which is pretty much the standard GC memory card now.

An entire memory card for a season? For sports the Xbox is king. You can have as many franchises as you want going with no worries, it has great online play, and it has the best looking versions of all the Sega Sports titles. The PS2 has worse looking Madden online but that doesn’t make up for all the other things the Xbox does better. The Cube has nothing online, smaller memory cards than the PS2, and no Sega Sports games.

– Xaroc

ESPN hockey is really good this year, from the reviews I have read. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet though.

I prefer the ESPN (Sega) games to the EA games overall, but especially the football games. I LOVE playing defense and Madden doesn’t let me do that very well. With Madden, you’re better off letting the AI do it for you, but not with ESPN.

I think that at least part of the problem with GC sports games is that they always seem to be released AFTER the other two consoles release the same games. So die-hard fans will already own the game before it comes out on the GC. Plus, as already mentioned, most people own another console if they own a GC. And sports titles, especially football (which I think tends to be the biggest seller, though basketball sells pretty well), play better on the other two consoles, at least that’s the perception. The X-Box has the best graphics, and the PS2 has the best controller. I prefer the control over the style, but XBox games do look sweet.

Unfortunately for GC only owners, this trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon. The games just aren’t profitable on the GC…in fact, that goes for all third-party games on the GC, which means the system is not long for this world. I hate saying that, since the Nintendo games are excellent, and I really enjoy the Factor 5 Rogue Squadron games.

Well, Nintendo consoles have never really been big for sports games, at least not since the 16-bit era. The Genesis always got the Madden and NHL games before SNES, and they played more smoothly on the Genesis, as well. IIRC, the PSX had more and better sports games than the N64. And now the XBox and PS2 get better sports games than the Gamecube. The days of Tecmo Super Bowl really were the last time that Nintendo has been the console for sports.

I only own a Gamecube (GC). I really like sports games but they aren’t too many of them for the GC. I don’t find the controller hard at all for playing sports games. Maybe it is because I’ve had enough time to adjust to the controller from playing other games. I wanted to get the ESPN Football from Sega this year but since it isn’t being released for the GC, I’ve chosen to get Madden 2004 instead unless of course Nintendo comes out with Mario Football :D . I also think that the reason not many sports games sold on the GC was because of releasing the GC version wayyyy after the other consoles had theirs already and also the port didn’t play as great compared to the others either. The huge save files with limited memory cards were also a factor. Since Nintendo wasn’t doing online this generation, they might as well have added a hard drive without fear of developers being lazy with code and releasing buggy games and thinking they’ll use the hard drive to patch it.