That Internet dating thing


I’ve never tried internet dating. It seems… odd. But you know 21st century and whatnot.

I think everything about that story is awesome, Cubit, except your choice of codename for her. :)

It’s pretty “Borderlands”.

Yeah, I don’t see that nickname having a long life. I can see that coming out at the wrong time during romantic encounters and that totally killing the mood.

Ladyparts… gotta change that.

That is actually her mannequin, named Kevin, and he manages to perfectly photobomb nearly every fucking photo I try to take in that apartment.

Haha, in my defense that name is her own internet handle that she uses on a couple of different sites. It existed before I even knew her.

Like I mentioned briefly in the post, in my late teens/early 20s I was a fundamentalist Christian. This led to an early marriage based more on religion than an actual healthy loving relationship. After a couple of years I realized how batshit I had been, and began to feel trapped in a marriage where I was now an atheist and my wife was still a devout believer. At that point I kind of shut down for a couple years in a depressed state as I tried to make a relationship work that was based on something that just didn’t exist anymore.

Eventually we talked things out and separated followed by a divorce a few months later.

Thankfully, no kids were involved.

Once I escaped that religion and that relationship, it felt like a huge weight was off of me. I was free to explore who I was and what I wanted out of life without that shit hovering. I feel like I’m on a positive path now, one that ladyparts encourages me greatly on. For many years I was on a negative path and very unhappy, which honestly probably affected how I acted on Qt3.

That’s pretty cool Cubit.

Ah ha! Thanks, Ned.


Aww Cubit, dude, I’m so happy for you :)

In particular I like that you and your ex were able to talk things out, and that your new girl is encouraging you to grow.

I feel like exploring your posting history. Do you mind hinting when you got divorced and when you started dating this girl, to see if I can notice changes?

This is the correct amount of crazy. Keeper.

He did take an unanticipated, extended leave of absence from here, didn’t he?

Grats, dude. That’s awesome. Both that you found yourself and a great gal to share yourself with.

Well done sir!

While the divorce was about as drama free as those things can be, it was still a long painful process. I started dating ladyparts in June/July of 2011. I’d consider anything pre-spring 2011 to be unhappy married time. Fair warning, my posting history isn’t always pretty.

Having played Madden against you during that timeframe, I can attest to the cranky bitterness. I just chalked it up to you playing the Raiders.

I just revived my OKCupid account, where I met my recent ex-partner who broke up with me a couple of weeks ago on our one year anniversary, and broke my heart. We’re getting along and handling it like adults, though. We might remain sometimes-lovers for a while, and we might get back together in the future, but for now I’m just going to focus on moving on and healing. I don’t intend to stay single long this time but I won’t be looking for a real relationship any time soon, just casual stuff.

So I’m officially back on the market starting next Friday when I move into my new place with my daughter. Finished updating my OKC profile and many of the questions to reflect my current stance on stuff and updated outlook in life. Feels good.

Letting your ex come by for a booty call when he wants to is the opposite of moving on and I’m not sure how much healing can happen when you’re openly holding out hope you guys are going to get back together. Plus, he broke up with you on your anniversary? Sounds like a total dick.

Why are you assuming the person was male? I can’t tell anything from Barstein’s post (about gender, I mean).

The Book Thread identifies barstein’s “sweetie” to be a “she.”

Probably the use of “ex-partner” and “sometimes-lover,” which are terms more frequently used to describe same-sex relationships nowadays than straight ones. I initially thought the same thing, but then “daughter” clued me in that Barstein had likely (but not definitely) had some involvement with the ladies at some point in his life.