That Internet dating thing

Of course you’re not. If you were a lesbian, you wouldn’t have such femme-y hair.

As a humorless feminist - jerri, am I allowed to call myself that in this context? Or is it a sexist invocation of privilege of the likes which I am honor-bound to avoid as a humorless feministlesbianman? - I resent that statement. I know plenty of humorless lesbians with femme-y hair.

Wrong thread.

		 			Just a quick note here. Tattoo parlor stuff:
  1. Any reputable place has you come in with someone that already has a tat. It doesn’t have to be from that particular place. But they like to know that you know someone that has work done already. So that later you have someone to cry to. And that leads us to…

  2. You have to sign a waiver that has a lot of legalese in it. It basically says that the shop is in no way responsible for buyers remorse. You don’t like the tat. Sorry, sucks to be you. OTOH most reputable places will touch up a tat for free. They want you to be happy. They want you to come back.

  3. I’ve been in places that let drunk people come in for work. This was back in the day when it was illegal in NYC. Tattoo guys hate drunks. They usually bleed too much for various reasons. It makes it harder to see the work that they are doing. One part is the alcohol in the bloodstream. The major part is that the fucking client won’t stay still.

  4. If you want something spelled a certain way, a reputable place will try to show you spelling errors. If you insist upon that spelling, that’s what you get. See above for why. They want money. They are not responsible for your stupidity.

  5. Back in the day all the really good places had bouncers. Why? Because of the above. A good tat shop is like a club. They will have couches, a place to relax before your tat. Usually tattoo groupies as well. No shit.

A guy I worked for, Mikey in Brooklyn (also known as Mike Angelo) was stabbed by a pissed off customer. He almost died and after that he had cameras and alarms put in his place. And me. I worked the door. No drunks. No weapons. Show me a tattooed friend or be gone. No bikers in groups. No disrespect intended.

These days it’s legal and taxed etc. Back then Mike was one of the only guys I knew who had an autoclave and actually USED it. This was before needles in sterile pouches. And I know what can happen if you don’t sterilize your needles. I have a tat from a guy named Tony in Queens that was so badly infected that I had to go to an emergency room to get it treated.

TL:DR The misspellings aren’t usually the fault of the tat artist. But they can be.

You went off on a tear in the gift giving thread too, something about not conforming to the world’s standards or whatever. Lighten up, duder!

By lighten up he means be less of a mopey babby.

The sun might be gone and there might not be any good poop jokes for the moment, but so what. Tighten the screws on that mangina and soldier on!

My buddy goes to a pretty well-known artist here in Ann Arbor - Leo Zulueta, who owns Spiral Tattoo and specializes in tribal - and I hear they have a policy of not doing any ‘I Love [name]’ tattoos or similar work that spells out names of particular people who aren’t your own children. Apparently it’s just easier to refuse anything along those lines than it is to deal with the inevitable problems that result from folks tattooing their girl/boyfriend’s names on their bodies and then regretting it 6 months later after the relationship falls apart.

Ironically, my friend did manage to convince Leo to tattoo his dad’s name on his 60-year-old mother’s ankle, per her request. I guess if you’ve been married for 30+ years, he’s willing to make an exception. :)

In my experience there is no real relationship either direct or inverse as it pertains to a person’s look and how fun they are in the sack. At the risk of people mistaking my motmot intentions with this post, let me say I have had sex with a variety of females (all human, fuck off Carbide) who rank almost anywhere along the scale and I’ve seen some knockout ladies put on a show and some 2-At-10-But-10-At-2’s dog it in the sack, and vicey-versey. That is to say, Martin’s not far off the mark.

These are intriguing assumptions and based on personal anecdotal evidence, neither sentiments are axiomatic. See above.

I’ve done my best to get an accurate sample size, but you’re right that I need to keep researching.

I AM NOT THE SPOKEWOMAN FOR THE LESBIAN COMMUNITY, and I’m also not THAT humorless, goddammit.

That said, you don’t have to be a feminist to dislike fat jokes, just a human being with empathy and a soul.

And I really want a tattoo. I just can’t decide what word to misspell.

For science, you understand.

So tattoed people are like werewolves? You have to find one before you can become one?

You are, however, the spokesperson for the Qt3 Humorless Lesbian title, so…


But then you wouldn’t be blank :(

You WOUND me, sir.

I had assumed that all your zoophilic relationships were exclusively homosexual already was common knowledge.

No, more like vampires? If it was werewolves, you could accidentally transmit the tatoo, via contact or something, while most vampire mythology has it being a choice thing.

“Darling, I must sleep around!”

gasp “But why?!”


Like babies! Oh wait, I misunderstand. Babies are like werewolfitis because you can accidentally give someone a baby.

No way, Dracula became a vampire after he flipped off god. Nobody spontaneously becomes a werewolf!

You accidentally get tattooed when you go out on a night of hard drinking with friends with tattoos, so this analogy totally holds up.

I vote that we stake Lazy Shiftless Bastard.

Aren’t you like, the worst seer ever though?