That max payne vs. old people video

Does anyone remember that parody video of Max Payne gunning down homeless guy and shoving old women out windows, while going on about how they killed his baby (“it wasn’t jabba the hut…”)? I can’t find it.

“It wasn’t Vlad or Jabba the Hut that killed Mona, it was hobos… and senior citizens.”

Enjoy. Don’t forget to measure your galvanic response before and after watching to determine your level of desensitization towards the acts of killing simulated old people and hobos.

You mean “hobo’s” and “senior citizen’s”, don’t you?

Someone needed to spend more time in English class and less time making Max Payne parodies.

Umm… someone needed to enjoy the parody and learn to shut up about people’s grammar on a gaming forum. Especially when they’re trying to insult someone else’s education despite being wrong.

A better, more concise, explanation:

PS. bigdruid was making fun of the guy who made the video, ciparis, that was why he put the bad apostrophe’s (hehe!) in quotes.

Much better :)

Hubris, mate. Look it up if you need to.

Eh, what, “Those who the gods would destroy they first make care about usage?”

Hu*bris [(h)yoobris]
excessive pride or self-confidence

That’s not the version I originally watched, I think the added text just made it worse, and that’s not just because of mistake’s…

You guys are pendants.

Edit: Guys, he’s talking about the typos found in the new text in the video itself. He’s not actually correcting anyone’s punctuation on the forum.

I would’ve said this earlier if Youtube wasn’t being very pokey this morning.

Too many people take language for granite, so druid’s post strikes a cord with me. I don’t mind watching people eat their just deserts.

Watch it, Stroker, or I’ll pour over all your posts and exercise your demons.

Watch it, Stroker, or I’ll pour over all your posts and exercise your demons.

Your a bunch of grammar faggot’s!!!

Dude, you mispelled “grammer.”

Thank god somebody figured it out. Sorry for the confusion.

I met a real world grammar Nazi today at the carwash. A 40-something lady complained to the cashier that a line on the customer feedback card didn’t exhibit proper parallelism: “Was your cashier courteous and place undivided attention on you?”

I invited her to join QT3.

Something’s either right or it’s not. Knowing the difference doesn’t make one a Nazi, nor a pedant.