That's why this is Motel Art


Paul Rudd Someone on Twitter reminisces about that time Tom was a tooooootal dick to Pam.

(click through, there’s an embedded 2 minute video)

I just saw Tom Chick

It’s also interesting to contrast this scene with the comparable scene in the UK Office as well. Very different but probably one of the high points of the US series where it stands on its own merits, beyond merely US-ifying the plot and characters.



“Want half?”


I only ever watched a little bit of the office either version. They are brilliant but I just couldn’t handle the awkwardness. I mean I literally feel so bad for people in the shows it was emotional. I’d cover my eyes with my hands. It’s ficitnioal but way too real as I’ve worked with people on many of the sides represented. That out of the way I had no idea Tom did a gig for them. Wow what a fantastic job. They should have had him back for a recurring role! He plays a critic exceedingly well hehe :)


My wife loved pointing at the screen and yelling “It’s Tom! It’s Tom!” during West Wing!


Wait, I swear I thought I saw Tom in the episode I was watching yesterday. Season 5, forget what number. They’re working on social security in this one, or the previous one.


Damn, that was really good acting by everyone in the scene, @tomchick included. Love the way you jumped in so fast with “yeah, exactly…” Tom. And the way you said “motel … art.”


Apparently he was in a handful of shows that season, according to IMDB. He even has a name!

Gil. Now let us all celebrate Gil of the Office, and his 4 appearances.

(I also find awkward comedy to be near unwatchable for the same reason as you)


Indeed! Gil was Oscar’s partner for a while. Things went sour at some point.


There was one season where the Call of Duty game was a bit of a running gag in the show. I always thought it would be hilarious if somehow Oscar and Gil got challenged to play with the crew and would get ridiculed and would be expected to be horrible players because of their sexual preferences, after which Gil would jump into the game and promptly kick everyone’s asses.