The 100 morons


Sort of like Idiocracy, but writ small (rather than large)?


What do you mean? Has already been done. It’s called “Fear of the Walking Dead”.


Reminds me of the Douglas Adams ship that crashlands with just hairdressers and phone sanitizers. [1]

[1] The original planet wanted to get rid of these useless people, and “lived full, rich and happy lives until they were all wiped out by a virulent disease contracted from a dirty telephone.”


I good season finale and set up for next year!

Also the big kill switch! :D


I fell asleep



omg just saw this from the supergirl thread and…makes me sad…

not anymore…


As I’ve posted before, Mrs. tgb will sit through just about anything as long at it’s horror, SF, or fantasy. She stuck this into our queue without my knowledge, and it popped up to the top, so she insisted on watching the pilot last night.

I also got a Lord of the Flies vibe - if Lord of the Flies was presented by the senior class at James R. Hoffa Vocational Tech.


The 100 starts out slow–hence the name of this thread–but give it three episodes. If your wife isn’t sold by the end of the third episode, you probably won’t stick with it.


Agreed. It starts slow and not very well, but the first season actually end up being worth watching, IMO. I enjoyed it.



Yeah, the first episode is not great, but it doesn’t actually take long to build to something interesting. By the third I was hooked.

It’s the easily the best show on CW, and while that might sound like I’m damning with faint praise, The Flash is pretty good too (can’t say the same for Arrow anymore though…)


Thanks to this thread (which I’ve been lurking in for a long while) I will never, ever be able to think or talk about The 100 without calling it The 100 morons in my head.


Yea, I plan to start a new thread once the next season starts up, actually I had a mind to do so last season but never got around to it, ah well, it’s reasonable clickbait at least.


If the show has changed drastically, maybe you can call the new thread “The 100 Smart People”.


Oh, I dunno. They certainly acted like morons at first & my wife now asks me when “The 100 Idiots” season starts :-)

Thanks QT3 !


The funniest thing is, out of the 100 there are only around 20 of them left alive. :p


Considering this thread was resurrected due to new viewers, you might want to spoiler tag that ;)


I just noticed this thread. I love the title. The show has become so surprisingly great after that moronic start :)


I will admit about 4 episodes in it’s starting to get better.


Just watched all 3 seasons at teen daughter’s request. Expected horrible Twilight-like schlock, but absolutely loved it and eagerly await season 4. I will also watch almost any show with Desmond/Caine, cause he’s great. I’m also easy to please, and don’t care about the silly plot holes. Fun show.


Season 4, oh yeah its back! Power struggles! Radiation leaking, everywhere.

ICE nation rules all! The Flame! Damn this show is just so good.