The 2004 Games Clearout: Updated 1/3

Ok time to get rid of all the games taking up space in my garage (seriously), and I plan on moving in the not-to-distant future and don’t want to move them (again).
If someone is interested in owning one of these jewels – please email me at themurphys AT dslextreme DOT com. All prices are completely negotiable, and added simply so that this isn’t an auction.

If there is no interest, they go in the garage sale – but I figured the gamers here might want to fill out their collections or pick up an extra copy of something. I have the manual unless indicated but no boxes.

Still Available
Janes Longbow Anthology $1
Call to Power II $1
Unreal Tournament $2
Red Faction $1
Command and Conquer [free]
Soldier of Fortune: Platinum Edition $1
SimCity 2000 [Free]
World War III: Black Gold (no manual) $1

Swat 3: Elite Edition $2
Lords of the Realm II $1

Andrew Mayer
Half-life $3
Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome $4
Descent Freespace $1

Dave Long
Imperialism & Imperialism II $4
Age of Empires & Age of Empires: Rise of Rome $1
Civilization II: Gold Multiplayer [Free with any other game]

StarCraft & Starcraft:Brood War $4
Grand Theft Auto 2 $1

Darkstone $1
Total Annihilation & TA:Kingdoms $2
Rollercoaster Tycoon $1

Operation Flashpoint & OF: Gold Upgrade $2
Europa Universalis & Europa Universalis II $3

Gaming Module
Kohan & Kohan:Ahriman’s Gift $3
Sea Dogs $2
Crusader: No Remorse & Crusader: No Regret $1
Rise of Nations $8

Nick Hyle
Rails Across America $3
Star Wars: Rebellion -$1
Space Empires IV $2
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear $3
Sudden Strike $2
Imperium Galactica II $2
101: 101st Airborne in Normandy $1
Thief II: The Metal Age $2
SideWinder Force Feedback Pro $5

Jagged Alliance 2 $2
Warlords III: Darklords Rising $1
Fallout & Fallout 2 $4
System Shock 2 $3

Crimson Skies $2
Planescape: Torment $1
War along the Mohawk $1
Myth & Myth II $2
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy $3
Wages of War: Business of Battle [Free]
Deadly Dozen $1

Alan Au
Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord $2
Close Combat collection $3
Heroes of Might and Magic II $2
Battlefield 1942 $4

WarCraft III $3
Divine Divinity $3

Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate $1
Wizards & Warriors $1

The Operative: NOLF $3

Aliens v. Predator 2 $2

Thanks, Lando

[Edited to remove PM and add email address – since the PM system is broken]
[Edited to update status of games spoken for][/b]

I can’t check or send PMs, because there’s this error DEBUG MODE message that comes up that’s preventing me from doing so, so I’m sorry about this, but…how about Total Annihilation, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Darkstone though? Would you please sell those to me?

Also, you seem to have a typo on your Star Wars: Rebellion listing. Either that or the game is so bad you’re also giving us a dollar just to take it away from you. ;)


Kohan & Kohan:Ahriman’s Gift $3
Sea Dogs $2
Crusader: No Remorse & Crusader: No Regret $1
Rise of Nations $8


I’m GM-Module on heat and Gaming-Module at

Point me to some refs of some sort and then I’ll email you for the shipping addy exchange. I can do check or MO.

Thx Kitsune, I’ll put your name on those.

Also, the Rebellion thing is a joke – as anyone who has played the game will recognize I could not in good faith actually CHARGE another person for it. :D

I cant PM either. It says Lando does not exist, so I guess this thread is a dream…?

EDIT: Lando, I’m about to head out for some bar hopping. If you can send me a PM, please send one with your email addy and we’ll hammer out the details later on.

Good luck selling the rest of the games. Your prices are wonderful.

Huh. When I try to PM you, it says “Sorry, no such user exists.” How weird is that?

Anyway, I’d go for Divine Divinity and (another copy of) Warcraft III! Six bucks? I’ll look into getting you a payment, if nobody else has dibs on those.

And if Gaming-Module backs out on Rise of Nations and Kohan+Ahriman’s Gift, I’m interested in those, too. (Yeah, it’s not going to happen, I know.)

Let me know, and I’ll get you money ASAP, along with my address.

Welp, I can’t send PMs either. So, my email address is

the murphys AT dsl extreme DOT com – NO SPACES.

The only references I can dig up (I had some under fdiskboy at heat at one point) are at the Used Game Trading Zone see

So email me – and we’ll work things out.


Put me down for Warhammer 40k:Chaos Gate and Wizards and Warriors

I’d be interested in the following:

Operation Flashpoint & OF: Gold Upgrade $2
Divine Divinity $3
Europa Universalis & Europa Universalis II $3

for a grand total of $8. How would you like to work shipping and handling?

Shoot me an email at ken at thewoottons dot com and we’ll work out the details.

You know, I very much need to do something like this myself.

Is the Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro the old school model with the bulky power supply and the loud fan? Or the newer model, which internalized the power supply and got rid of the fan? If the latter, then dibs!

Jagged Alliance 2 $2
Warlords III: Darklords Rising $1
Fallout & Fallout 2 $4
System Shock 2 $3

I’d be interested in the preceding or any portion thereof available.

PMs are busted. You can reach me at:


to work out necessary details.


Argh! …and here I was trying to avoid getting more games.

I’d be interested in:
HOMM2 $2 (if that’s the version with the full soundtrack and not the gold/abridged version)
Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord $2 (can’t find my copy anymore)
BF1942 $8 (oddly, I have Road to Rome already)

However, if any of you international folks wants one of these instead, lemme know; I sympathize with the high cost of getting games overseas.

  • Alan

[EDIT] I can be reached at: Itsatrap (at) Stratos Group (dot) com
[EDIT] Actually, I dont need/want a second copy of Road to Rome, so technically that’s still up for grabs.

System Shock 2 and/or No One Lives Forever would be awesome.

Edit: Can we do this via PayPal? I’ll jack up the prices a little bit so that you don’t lose out from the percentage they take. Regardless, I’ll throw up my email so you can contact me: trixie at isle-of-ewe dotcom

can i just buy the CD key for aliens vs predator 2? I lost the cd case when i moved and i can’t play online because I don’t have a valid key.


Rebelllion has the distinction of being the only game I have ever thrown in the trash.

I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Updated game status – emails going out shortly.

Woolen Horde, the Sidewinder is the old model.

Trixie, I don’t even have a paypal account, but we can work something out.

Lokust – sure, you want me to just send the jewel case inserts that have the code on it?

Those of you who have not emailed or given me your email - please email me so that we can proceed and I can ship your games off.

Oh, maybe I should mention that my e-mail thingy that shows up on the bottom of all my posts is actually working.

[email protected]

Lando, I’d like the Starcraft Games and Grand Theft Auto 2. My E-mail address is [email protected] Please E-mail me whenever you get a chance so we can exchange real world addresses, method of payment, etc. (Yeah, the whole $5 that this sale will give you.)

I’m not usually one to do this, but could I get the Imperialism games I and II, the Civ2:MGE and the Age of Empires games? They were all lost when the games blew off my car a couple years ago… :-/

[email protected]