The 2018 Midterms Game Day Thread of Angst, Worry, (and maybe some hope?)


Alabama has the Gulf shoreline. That’s a nice place to visit. There’s also the Muscle Shoals recording studio, where a lot of famous stuff was recorded. Don’t know if that’s something to visit, though. I really don’t know much about Mississippi. I think of Mississippi Burning and think, um, maybe not.

But c’mon guys, there’s good people on both sides!


When it comes to food all I know is the South has the best BBQ I have ever tasted and its readily available. Not sure why I would eat at McDonald’s when some killer BBQ joint is down the road.

Every time I visit Austin I end up significantly fatter :) Ok now I am hungry.


Anthony Brindisi officially wins NY-22 for another flip!


That’s been one of the last races outside of California to certify a close result. Earlier today, New Mexico certified Xochitl Torres-Small as the winner to flip the NM-02.

Now we wait on the inevitable Valadao loss and Cox win to give the Democrats 40.


For those of us who were refreshing 538 on election night, right after the polls closed was the highest the Dem prediction ever got. It was +41 for the House and R=0 for the senate.

So, not bad.


LA Times called it. I think that’s probably close enough.


Some notable Mississippians:


So we’ve got a story brewing in North Carolina.


Weird how it usually seems to be Republicans committing the voter fraud.



Starting to really smell like something.


Corruption is to North Carolina as incompetence is to Florida.


Republican warns that the progressive wave could harm Democrats like the Tea Party wave harmed Republicans in 2010. Because the last thing we want is control of the House, Senate, and Presidency over 6 years.


I remain deeply concerned about what Republicans think regarding the Democratic party and what they should or should not do. In fact, I may even be so inclined as to furrow my brow this afternoon.


But you need to really try to understand this… Because it’s important.

The GOP took control of government, but it’s not what it used to be. I understand that most of you guys don’t really understand this, and how it was always the ultimate evil, yadda yadda yadda…

But Trumpism is the ultimate result of what the GOP did, and it’s destroyed the party. They no longer really stand for anything that they used to. And really, it seems like the pendulum is going to swing back hard against the crazies who are left. I honestly don’t know if they are ever going to recover at all, and instead we may just see the moderate half of the Democratic party break off and become the new conservative party.

The GOP thought it could harness a bunch of terrible shit to do it’s bidding, but they lost control of the beast, and it ate them.

They aren’t in control of the government now, the beast is. Consider, even while controlling the entire government, the GOP accomplished virtually nothing. Because their caucus was paralyzed by extremist imbeciles who had no idea how to govern.

That’s not to say this thing will happen with the Democrats.

But you should be careful that it doesn’t. You sure as hell shouldn’t look at what happened to the GOP and think that you want that for your party.

You don’t.


You need to understand that the context of a messenger. Are you going to be concerned if Richard Spencer tells you your attitudes towards immigrants are going to result in white genocide?

There may be debates to be had about immigration, but that debate with him is probably not it.


No no no, I’m not saying you need to give a crap about that guy.

Just that you shouldn’t WANT what happened to the GOP.


Harnessing the things they did is not the same as simply being too far to extreme end of the party. That is, just because progressives are taking the party way left, doesn’t mean they are also destroying all facts and ideology and relying solely on an information bubble to support completely insane candidates. They are just, like, offering to do really good stuff for the country without paying as much attention to the details of how to make it possible. Constantly comparing that to crazed dogwhistles, sexism, and all sorts of other oppressive tendencies is not a useful watchdog response.

tl;dr The Tea Party didn’t destroy the GOP by being too far right. It was all the other stuff.


For my part, I think If the Democrats had control of all three branches of government for an extended period of time, they might get out of control is what we normally call a high-class problem. I agree it’s possible, but let’s worry about that when (and if) the time comes.


Last I checked, even the further left leaning Democrats which would the socialists aren’t advocating to line up any group of people to strip them of their rights to enslave or kill them. This is yet another bullshit comparison of two sides of the same coin when the two groups are not remotely the same. It would not be advisable to let anyone try and re frame the argument and definitions to try and claim that they are.