The 2018 Midterms Game Day Thread of Angst, Worry, (and maybe some hope?)



Yeah, apparently there are enough still-uncounted ballots now, and enough from Fresno, that the CA-21 will be very close.


Probably because “Liberal” now means “not fascist”.


Mia Love now 419 votes ahead in the UT-04. Apparently they have a few thousand provisional ballots to count next week.


After Trump calls her a loser. That chump can’t unwrap a big mac without stepping on his johnson.



CNN did about 3 minutes yesterday on various celebrities putting out pictures of their various voting costumes. Trump is an idiot.



That’s a damn shame and a fucking crime that the fucker can run for office AND simultaneously be in charge of the election.


Yeah I mean for the past month I’ve been asking myself “how is that legal?”


(Portrait is Shirley Chisholm. Who was awesome…and also the first African American woman elected to congress.)


Love that portrait. It kinda reminds me of Bill Sienkiewicz.


Not a surprise at all.


Personally I think allowing “postmarked by the deadline” to count is nonsense when it comes to elections. Sure it’s convenient for the individual voter but it’s kinda BS waiting a week or more to get a good idea of which side/candidate won. In OR you have to get your ballot to an official drop box or the elections office by the deadline, so mailing can be done by the Thursday before, but generally discouraged thereafter.

And those wait times some have to put up with in some retrograde states (3 hours plus?!) are crazypants. Voting in person (which I’m old enough to have done in Oregon, 1980-96) should take at most a half hour apart from reasonable travel time. I sure don’t remember ever taking more time than that.


Last undecided race in Orange County called for Democrats.


I disagree. Why make the mail-in ballot process any more mysterious than it has to be? Taking Florida for an example:

  • the ballot envelopes are not postage paid, and no one will tell you how much postage is required to ensure delivery of the ballot
  • there is no mailing deadline, the ballot has to be received before Election Day, but no one will tell you when it has to be mailed in order to ensure delivery by that deadline

So, of course, you have to take the ballot to the post office to mail it, so that a USPS employee can weigh it and determine the postage. All the ballots weigh the same, unless you’ve stuffed something weird in the envelope, but nevertheless, you have to take them to the post office to mail them. Some people mail ballots themselves, guessing at the postage required, and maybe their ballots arrive on time, and maybe they don’t. And almost certainly there are some votes that don’t get counted.

Make it simple. Postage prepaid envelopes and a well-publicized mailing deadline.


That would make sense, so I assume it will never happen.


I live in a very red area of Michigan and have waited an hour to vote this past election and in 2018. I doubt anyone purposely made that happen in my precinct but even that wait has lots of people checking their watches and weighing if it’s worth it.


In my area, at least, they are. But overall very good points.


Hey! Remember when Florida voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 4, restoring the voting rights of 1.4 million paroled felons in the state?

And remember how some of us said, “Man, I’d feel a little less uneasy about that if Democrats had more power at the state level, because we might be about to see some shenanigans about legislation to enact that bill?” And remember how some of you who haven’t closely followed how cynical individual states are about this shit assured us “It’s an amendment, it HAS to take effect…”?

Yeah. About that.

I mean, I think it’ll win in court, but when the party of voter suppression still holds key levers of power at the state level, it’s never an automatic, easy thing. There’s NEVER a time when the vote supressors say “Dang, you won, guess we have to do this right away now.”