The 2018 Midterms Game Day Thread of Angst, Worry, (and maybe some hope?)


Q: How can you tell the election season is over?



Holy shit, that’s amazing. These were the votes from people who registered on that day, is that right?



Mia love is a loser cuck, just like Trump said!


And McAdams lead looks like it will stand scrutiny too:

No recount.



McAdams winning puts the Democrats at +39. Two to watch: the California 21 (as mentioned up-thread) is SUPER close, though it was called for Republican incumbent Valadao on election night.

And in the GA-07 (Atlanta suburbs), all votes are in, and the Democratic challenger trails by 419 votes, and a hand recount begins on Wednesday.

Of the two, the Democrats easiest path to 40 is probably TJ Cox overcoming David Valadao in late mail-in ballots in the CA-21.


It seems weird that a margin of less than 700 votes is outside the margin for a recount.


We’re about an hour away from California Vote Report O’Clock.

BTW, Darrell Issa’s district (he retired) has is looking like a 12-14 point Democratic win.


Yay! Didn’t know when I’d see a Democrat from Utah again. Thanks, Trump!

He’s going to be a conservative Democrat most likely, but I’ll take that over a Trump sycophant.


Fueled by Watergate. At least DJT wins at something.


Hopefully all these folks stick around for 2020.


What, we have to vote again? But you all said this was the most important election in our lifetimes, geez.


It might become a habit.

Also my optimistic spin is that there have now been two waves of new Democratic voters. One wave with Obama. The second wave as a reaction to the Republican party’s slide to Fascism with Trump being the embodiment of it.

I see an awful lot of new Democratic votes in 2020. Where are Republicans getting new voters from?


This is kind of awesome:

Democratic candidates for the House will receive almost as many votes this year as the 63 million that President Trump received in 2016

…in a midterm.

Quote from here:



I’ve never actually heard her speak. Does she have a Queens accent? I imagine those tweets with one.


Hackers in Saint Petersburg


Republicans also got huge turnout this year. Keeping ignorant white people scared is really paying off for Trump.and the Republicans who embrace him. It’s a lizard-brain response to the demographic shift Trump voters see (mainly on television, since lots of them live in really homogenous communities.). The Republicans are getting a lot of “new” voters; largely low-information voters who before Trump thought that no politician was addressing their concerns.


I hope the democrats put forth a candidate that isn’t over the age of 70, and is a plain spoken progressive voice.