The 2018 Music thread


New, used, borrowed, blues…whatever, this is the thread.

I’ll start off by pointing out that these troubled times need more Superchunk, and we’re getting a new album called What a Time To Be Alive.

First song:


It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t posting something local would it? So let’s get started.

Sidney Gish has been recording songs for a few years now and collected them into the album No Dogs Allowed that she dropped on new year’s eve, so technically 2017 but for practical purposes this is a 2018 release. Here she is doing one of the songs from it live where she records loops live to perform all the instruments, she really adds the layers towards the end.

Also, once of Boston, Breeders have released the title track from their upcoming album All Nerve.


Crazy atmospheric, folky black metal out of Austria, singing about Middle Earth, and barely cracked into 2018? Yeah, I’ll go ahead and drop that into this thread :)


I’ve been obsessing on this album since NPR pointed to it last year sometime:

Probably the closest to electronic composition I’ve heard


My favorite band Typhoon released their new album today called Offerings. I got the limited edition blood red vinyl album version which is gorgeous. This is the first single’s video:


Lovely new Radio Dept single, hopefully presaging a new album.


That’s so good! The perfect song to kick off my annual Vintage Sounds playlist for 2018.

Also liking the Pale Lights albums triggercut recommended back in late 2017.

New music from Belle & Sebastian, The Breeders, and Nightmares on Wax? What year is it again?


Here’s my annual Vintage Sounds of 2017 playlist. I toiled away all last year so please enjoy.

Still a work in progress – I might cut some songs and try to sequence it eventually.

Here’s my auto-generated Top Songs of 2017 playlist.

Note that Tracy Chapman, Aretha Franklin, Meghan Trainor, and Indigo Girls all make unlikely appearances due to a Girl Power playlist my wife and her friends made for their road trip to the January Women’s March in D.C. While I don’t necessarily support these songs in my top 100 mix, I definitely support the cause.

I caught triggercut listening to his recently so I clicked and followed. But I’d love to have more of y’alls most-played tunes. Click here for yours and share that shit, yo!


Interesting! Wasn’t aware of this feature.

Here’s mine. I’ll admit there’s a few surprises there, but probably not many.

EDIT: You’ve got some winners there, rr.


Yikes! I bet that playlist sucks, since I found myself listening to a lot of stuff on Play and Bandcamp this year!


You would be wrong, my good man.

After that recent snowstorm blew through, I stuck my new bluetooth earbuds in, covered 'em up with my new noise protective ear muffs, pressed play on your Top 100, then had the best time EVER snow-blowing the driveway to the likes of Gene Clark, David Bowie, and the Beatles.

Thanks for your list, charmtrap. Also, HOLY SHIT! That new album from Trashcan Sinatras snuck past me in 2016! Awesome.


My Favorite Lyric of 2017 award goes to Green Light by Lorde. Specifically, this bit:

she thinks you love the beach
you’re such a damn liar

So you go through a messy breakup and eventually your ex starts dating someone new and that person happens to like going to the beach and maybe your ex tells that new person, “yeah, I love the beach!” even when they don’t actually love the beach and you know they don’t. I can’t think of a more harmless white lie than that, but if you’re deep in the heartbreak and jealous rage, well, then hatred, of course.

I just love how she spits it out with such bitter resentment. Amazing!


That’s a great song and a great album. I thought she might be up for a sophomore slump, but nope…turns out she’s still precociously talented.

Gorgeous first single from new band Elva. No idea where they’re from or anything about them, but this is some sparkling pop.


of interest to @triggercut new Preoccupatiosn album this year

Also new Ought

And did any of you bozos check out that Sidney Gish live track I posted up thread?


Hell yeah. I heard Sidney Gish on a recent All Songs Considered. What a clever writer. First impression was she was probably a fairly average musician, but listening to more of her stuff, and especialyl seeing her play Persephone up there, I don’t think that anymore.


Really digging Spinning Coin’s recent album “Permo”. Early Wedding Present meets the Verlaines? Something like that anyway.



Sounds great.


Cynic is a progressive metal band that you may not have heard of outside the metal thread, but you all should check out this new single because it’s amazing. Extremely talented musicians, but pay special attention to incredible bass work by Sean Malone.


Holy crap. Look who my sister just met!!!



Do I know that guy?