The 2018 Music thread


Electric Love Muffin and Scram were huge for us (just my group). Not to dis them, but the Johnsons always felt like a college band by the time we hit the scene, and in the timeframe noted we were just drunk high schoolers trying to get beers/avoid fights at Bells Mills. Dead Milkmen were the goof band that we laughed with/about.


These guys remind me of Dead Milkmen

Uranium Club


So sounds like Joanna Gruesome is no more but former band members Alanna McArdle and Owen Williams have a new project with Ex-Vöid.


Good stuff! Thanks!

And the Ex-Void too forge!


This Sweedish band Echo Ladies showed up in my Release Radar today and I like it quite a bit. Shoegaze with a post-punk edge.


So this Downtown Boys cover of Fotos Y Recuerdos kind of bugs me. That song was a rip off of The Pretenders’ Back on the Chain Gang later rebranded as a cover. It was at least more of a Latin dance version, Downtwon Boys cover Fotos with a punk rock bent and… it sounds more like Back on the Chain Gang, and while articles and the label sometimes mention the Pretenders all I’ve seen Downtown Boys do is call it a Selena cover.


Awww yiss.

(Also, we finally get that Jason Pierce/Spiritualized collaboration we’ve all been hoping for these many years. Hopefully we’ll get a similar pairing of Mac McCaughan and Superchunk eventually.)


LOL, yeah. I was trying to parse that.

EDIT: btw, that song is murderously good. Can’t fucking wait for the album.


I almost wish I could take back my monthly mixtape pick and put on this Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert album, which is just wonderful.


You all should read this because it’s about a great, influential band, Can, and because my buddy Dave got the byline and did an awesome job with this. (He’s a news editor-culture at the NYT, so he doesn’t usually get bylines unless they need someone who knows music, and then Dave’s encyclopedic knowledge of music – honed at our college radio station, where I realized quickly that when he talked music, I should shut up and listen – comes into play.)

Aside: I may or may not have thrown up on Dave’s pants cuffs on at least one occasion.


Go, Dave! Fun read. I don’t know Can much at all but that Vitamin C kicks all kinds of ass.


Yes and yes!


Terrific new Essex Green track as well. Banner new release day!


And while we’re here, a Lynchian new EP from Low.


Think I was listening to some old trip hop and stumbled on this but its now in rotation as a regular listen. Sia is a technically brilliant vocalist who I know of as a great vocalist but never really listened to anything, just what was on telly/radio, but really enjoying her Zero 7 era.


LVL UP put out one final song and announced they are calling it quits after going on a farewell tour late summer/early fall. Shame as they were a neat band, a four piece with truly no lead singer, everyone but the drummer sings and they split the songs up equally. When I saw them live they’d alternate lead vocal on every song.



That is brilliant.

(Also, Cocaine Piss is awesome.)



New Beyonce/Jay Z album.

Dropped on Tidal this weekend, and is pretty much available on all streaming services now.

New Video for the single “Apeshit” as well

And Beyonce is pretty damn good at rapping too. Jay-Z takes a backseat on this one.

(Also, this video really makes me want to go back to the Louvre)