The 2018 Music thread



28 minutes later, this is a terrific little album. Plenty more killer than filler. Track 11 is tight, Tight, TIGHT!


Nice find, terrific album. The world definitely needs more Noonday.


That Waxahatchee lady can sing.


Anyone keeping up with the breakneck pace Brockhampton is releasing new singles?
This album is going to be great if it has half the energy of the latest video.


Love this new Phosphorescent track! New album in October.


Yes! Thanks for sharing this. Sounds great! It’s pretty light and bouncy for him. Muchacho was simply excellent. Looking forward to hearing how he’s evolved.


Yesh, new Aphex Twin music!

These reclusive electro-geniuses do like their games:


Wow, that video is pretty incredible to look at. Who needs drugs?


Yeah, it’s an amazing piece of work, even though I got a little motion sick there for a minute…


This Iglooghost kid is good.


Tenement’s newest music video directed by Mark Borchardt

love Borchardt and Tenement!


It’s all right! It’s okay! There’s something to live for!


If I gave you 100 guesses on what year this song came out, and where the band who recorded it is from, I’m gonna guess we’d use all those up before you came up with the answer. I’ll spot you the date: June, 2018.

And the band is from the noted Britpop/deampop/Madchester scene in (squints at index card) uh… Nashville, Tennessee.


Ooo, very nice. I immediately kind of thought of Inspirals and Charlatans, but I think a band like The Dylans might fit even better.

What I wouldn’t give for a serious Madchester revival.


The singer is doing his best Sonic Flower Groove-era Primal Scream Bobby Gillespie imitation too.


Some very nice tracks here, guys, much appreciated for sharing.

Here’s some stuff I have had on heavy simulated rotation this year

Melissa Laveaux - Le ma monte chwal mwen

Young Fathers - In My View

Bush Tetras - Red Heavy

Media Jeweller - Splayed Wayside

Amen Dunes - Time

Eels - Rusty Pipes

Primo! - You’ve Got a Million


Aretha Franklin’s family reports that the legendary singer is gravely ill with family and friends preparing for her death. She’s 76, and has been fighting recurring cancers for 5 or 6 years.


It’s about damn time.


Oooh, there’s a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf right there.


Bad bad not good!