The 2018 Music thread


The band wish Gerry all the best in his future musical endeavours.

Cold. There must be some unpleasant interpersonal stuff going on here.




Trying to imagine–and failing at it–a Fannies show without them playing “Star Sign” or “Sparky’s Dream” or “Radio” or “Ain’t That Enough” or “December”…I mean…


I’m getting pretty excited for this Chills album.


Drew Magary put this in his column this week.

Both gone, really fun song though.


Mako was Butler’s go-to guy on drums, on Barney’s solo records, and anything he produced. So it’s Mako playing drums on Duffy’s hits, a couple of Dido singles, The Tears album, and most recently the Mark Eitzel album and Mull Historical Society.



Sad news. Never heard of him but apparently I’ve heard a ton of him!


Just gonna pull the pin on this and throw it.

“God bless your mother dear, for giving birth back when
God bless the mobile phone for that first call and then
The biggest praise goes out to someone I don’t know
God bless the dick who let you go.”

One more:

Apparently both to those songs were written by Simon originally as wedding gifts to his wife. Find you a significant other who’d swoon over a song called “I Fucking Love You” if you can.


Great find! Both songs hooked me from the word go. Television Personalities by way of Belle & Sebastian?


I’ve queued up a bunch of new releases out today from Wild Nothing, Helios, Iron & Wine, Anna Calvi, and Boogarins!


New Suede video from their forthcoming new disc.

Song is OK enough, but the video–filmed at Pripyat–is amazing.

On third listen, the song is fucking fantastic.


Yessssh, loved both songs I’ve heard from the new Suede. And that video is some abandoned urban porn.

Loving this new album from Shy Boys. From Kansas City, of all places.


Drahla: yes, the Sonic Youth revival might actually be a thing!


I love this! Evil Sin is one of my favorite songs of the year.


I missed this when you posted it…excellent!

Really nice new Radio Dept single:


Kiah Victoria should get famous.




I knew there was a reason I got 5 hours of sleep and woke up early!




I’m having a hard time being objective about Snow Bound, but it’s gotta be Top 3. In any case, it’s certainly a wonderful addition to an all-too-brief discography.