The 2018 Music thread


Maybe this should go in P&R. This country is truly tearing itself apart.

If juggalos and Limp Bizkit morons can’t get along, what hope do the rest of us have?




New Django Django ep just landed. Seeing them Monday in DC.



There’s definitely a parallel between collecting favorite baseball players and collecting favorite underground punk bands.

Also, now that baseball is the 3rd sport, everything gets a little hipster.


Entirely possible that this is of no interest to anyone here but me, but just in case:

Four of the greatest “Paisley Underground” bands from Southern California in the 1980s have recently reunited for some live shows and even some studio work. In November, they’ll release a collaborative album called 3 x 4. The premise is cool: each band will record three song by each of the other bands.

The bands involved:

The Bangles
The Dream Syndicate
The Rain Parade
The Three O’Clock

The track listing by band:

3 X 4 Tracklist

The Bangles

  • “Jet Fighter” (The Three O’Clock)
  • “Talking In My Sleep” (Rain Parade)
  • “That’s What You Always Say” (The Dream Syndicate)

The Dream Syndicate

  • “Hero Takes A Fall” (The Bangles)
  • “She Turns To Flowers” (Salvation Army)
  • “You Are My Friend” (Rain Parade)

Rain Parade

  • “As Real As Real” (The Three O’Clock)
  • “Real World” (The Bangles)
  • “When You Smile” (The Dream Syndicate)

The Three O’Clock

  • “Tell Me When It’s Over” (The Dream Syndicate)
  • “What She’s Done To Your Mind” (The Rain Parade)
  • “Getting Out Of Hand” (The Bangles)

And, courtesy NPR here’s a teaser track, The Bangles (with Vicki on lead) covering “Jet Fighter”, originally by the Three O’Clock. Hilariously, Vicki’s voice is at a lower pitch than Three O’Clock frontman Michael Quercio’s on the original, I think:

Hilarious note: “Hero Takes A Fall” is being covered by The Dream Syndicate. The song (and the titular “hero” taking the fall) is Dream Syndicate frontman Steve Wynn. :)


Yes, please! Sounds awesome.

Those folks recorded one of my all-time favorite cassette tapes… the 1984 Rainy Day compilation.


I almost mentioned Rainy Day, but I figured that was going off the obscurity cliff. :)

Kendra Smith’s vocal on “Holocaust” is one of the most haunting things ever. Alex Chilton’s original vocal is great too…but she captures that same sense of mental illness and depression at the far end of a rope just as effectively.


Yep, yep. Come for the jaunty toe-tappers, stay for the emotional devastation.


Video reminds me of Duke Nukem 3D for some reason.


Belated props to @forgeforsaken for Seasurfer. Very nice.

New Limiñanas is doing for me.

Also a new Moles album, which should never be taken for granted.


Phosphorescent’s new album came out a week or two ago. Not quite as dynamic as Muchacho, but still sporting a lot of great tunes:


Love that song so much. I’m obsessed with the lyrical structure where every beautiful thing he sings gets quickly erased with, “I don’t… no more.”

I stood out in the night
in an empty field and I called your name
I don’t stand out all night in empty fields and call your name no more

I waited for days
for your voice to answer to me
I don’t wait up for days for your voice to answer to me no more

F*cking GORGEOUS songwriting.


I’m very much on an Italian post-punk kick. Here’s a playlist I’ve put together collecting a sampling from a bunch of bands, some with English lyrics, some with Italian. Missing a couple of noteworthy bands not on Spotify. Havah and VRCVS are probably my favorites.


New White Fence? You betcha.

(and yes it does, by the way. About 3 minutes in.)


LOL @ spoiler tag. Just watched that episode of The Office a couple weeks ago.

Oh, hey, new Beach House song!


Ty Segall released bunch of heavy-fuzz covers in Fudge Sandwich a few days ago.

The album definitely has the weirdest version of Low Rider I ever heard :)


I love me some Static-X, and consider a couple of their albums among some of my favorites, but after the death of Wayne Static I didn’t expect this in about a million years: A new Static X album using Wayne Static’s last recorded vocals and compositions.

I just don’t know what to think, since Wayne was such a specific driving force behind the sound of their best work, I’ve got no clue if they can put everything together in just the right way. But I guess I’ll find out soon.


Had this Girl in Red song stuck in my head for the last week. Really catchy happy pop. EP isn’t as much so, but has some good moments.


Carly Rae Jepsen’s new single is great, and it has some not so subtle themes.