The 2018 Music thread


Yes! Excellent new CRJ song…homegirl hasn’t let me down yet.


That made hair grow on my palms.


New Dead Can Dance today, for the classic 4AD headz.


Yeah, I saw that was out today!.. So I’ve been listening to Aion for the last three hours. (Finally making my way through Facing the Other Way, the book about 4AD. The trick was to put it in the bathroom.)

Also a new one from Sun Kil Moon… trying to hang with him but he’s not making it easy.

New one from Chromatics as well!


First Piroshka (Lush, Moose, etc) song. Full album out in February!


I like it a lot.


Me too. I LOVED the final Lush reunion ep, but it was a very melancholy, nostalgic thing, too. It felt in a lot of ways like Miki and Emma tying off the loose ends of a long-ago tragedy and finding closure.

This is something different. It feels like a return to the energy and joy and bounce of the last Lush album, with the new band definitely giving it a vintage Stereolabby feel too.


Yeah, you’re right. This one has a lighter, bouncier feel and I’m all for it.

So, what else is going on today? Not much? Anything?


Apparently Idris Elba has edged me out (I assume barely) for the title of Sexiest Man Alive.

Beyond that, though, pretty quiet day…;)


I was expecting to be indifferent about Piroshka. I turned out to be wrong. Just lovely. Now I’m excited for the album.


Has anyone picked up the new Greta van Fleet or the Struts - if so, verdict?


Greta van Copycats




Local post-punk/cold wave band House of Harm have their first EP due out Nov 30th, really looking forward to it.


Chicago has a dreampop/shoegaze scene? Ok, maybe just one band that does that style?

Who knew?

But Lightfoils is really good and have a new EP out soon and this song is great.


The Struts have a new album out?!?
Thanks for the heads up.
I’d given up waiting for it long ago.
Off I go to look…

EDIT: Holy shit. They do! As of Oct. 26. Reviews appear favorable.


This is lovely…


This is super derivative, and I don’t care. If you’re going to fully nick someone else’s sound, you might as well make it Catholic Education-era Teenage Fanclub:

I mean…c’mon. This almost breaks into “I’ll never knowwwww which waaaaaaay to flooooow…”


Speaking of, this looks very much like the last ever song at the last ever Fannies gig with Gerry Love:

And Gerry on leaving the group, earlier this year:

I thought I should say a few words about the Teenage Fanclub situation.

From the outset I didn’t want to do these particular shows, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, specifically because of the flying involved. I flew around the world last year and it’s not something that I would want to do too often in my life. I equally didn’t want to stop anyone from making a living and so it’s completely acceptable to me that the band and crew are able to go ahead with the tour. I didn’t leave the group and I wasn’t kicked out, the idea of this tour eventually became a fork in the road and we have just agreed to go our separate ways. It’s not ideal for any of us but it’s as amicable as it can possibly be. We played a couple of shows at the weekend and I think the group’s still sounding pretty good. We have a couple more festival shows next week and then in October and November we have our full album nights where we get the chance to hook up with Brendan and Paul again. All good.

Change is natural and constant and I completely welcome it. All I can say is that I feel very lucky to have met Norman and Raymond all those years ago. Good innings. Thanks.