The 2018 Music thread


I never expected to see The Chills mentioned on QT3. Martin Phillips isn’t in the best health at the moment, so I hope this doesn’t end up being a farewell tour.


Dude. The Chills have carved out permanent space in my brain forever and ever.

And yeah, Martin basically needs to completely stop with all alcohol. Hep C has ravaged his liver and put him in a pre-cancerous situation.


BBC confirms Pete Shelley’s death just now, of a heart attack at age 63.


Dude 2. Been loving The Chills for over 30 years. Each evening the sun sets in five billion places seen by ten billion eyes set in five billion faces.

Or, on a less-upbeat note,

What can I do if she dies?

I’d love to see that tour if I can figure it out but a Tuesday night is tough. Maybe I sleep over at a friend’s. But I’m really starting to resent how all the good concerts have left Manhattan for Brooklyn.


Damn, QT3 posters are seriously my people! I’m thrilled to hear you’re a massive fan. :)


There are dozens of us.