The 2018 Music thread


The only rock on my regular playlist right now is Band Maid, who are a new band so as far as im concerned its all great.


I meant new groups, thanks.


Anyone up for some Christmas music? Industrial Metal act PIG has released a 3 song Christmas EP. 3 covers:

Last Christmas (Wham!)
Blue Christmas (Elvis)
Happy Xmas (War is Over) (John Lennon)

Lyric Video for Last Christmas

Free Download from Bandcamp (Name your price). Profits go to International Rescue Committee.


I’ve been really digging Mythic Sunship this year. Their release from earlier on, Upheaval, is some pretty great psychedelic rock. With, I think, some pretty excellent musicianship.

That said, their album from last month, Another Shape of Psychedelic Music, is also excellent, but in a much more jazz-fusion sense. It reminded me of The Mars Volta, or more specifically, a lot of some of Omar Rodriguez Lopez’s solo work.

Vanishing Kids’ Heavy Dreamer is also excellent, although it may verge closer to shoegaze than you care for. I think it’s worth a shot, at least, though.

Lucifer’s Lucifer II blew my socks off earlier this year. It’s definitely very 70s pastiche, down to the outfits and video editing, but they pull it off super well and have some pretty excellent guitar work going on.

The Hazytones’ Monarchs of Oblivion from a couple of months back might occasionally verge heavier than you’re looking for, but I’ve been really digging it since I stumbled across it. I also really like it cuz at various points the vocals remind me of Ghost’s Tobias Forge, which is very much a good thing.

Another one that might be heavier than you’re looking for, but more of the 70s-style fuzzed out style than anything especially like modern metal is Windhand, who I’m really excited to see live early next year.

Ambassador’s latest, Belly of the Whale goes super spacy amidst its post-punk and dark rock vibes. I think it’s got some excellent musical wankery in the mix, too :-D. Also the cover art is, like, the best thing ever.

They’re technically not new, but Failure got back together a few years back and just put out a fantastic new record that, IMO, reflects a lot of evolution from their sound in the 90s. In the Future your Body will be the Furthest thing from your Mind is a hell of a listen, if you’ve got an hour to spare :)

In a folkier direction, Ivar Bjornson & Einar Selvik came back this year to put out Hugsja, an excellent journey through some Nordic folk music. Though both have their roots in metal (Enslaved and Gorgoroth respectively), this record is anything but.

And finally, just a weird but awesome rock band with awesome stage presence I caught opening for two metal bands, though they themselves are not metal: Bent Knee, with their 2017 release, Land Animal. I’ve been super digging them ever since seeing that show :)

edit: suck it @Matt_W ;-)


I’m getting the shakes waiting for Trig’s 2018 christmas mix. I keep using the old ones, but they don’t seem to affect me the same way they used to. I need a fix soon!


That video reminds me somewhat of this one, which I like, both visually and sonically. Thanks for the reco!


Leisure Society finishing their upcoming 2019 album (Arrivals and Departures) this past week, and just saw co-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Christian Hardy tweet this:


Ho99o9’s time collaborating with 3TEETH and The Prodigy showing strong influence on their new EP.


The Black Angles are pretty well established psychedelic rock group without a real standout musician, but great songs. Ty Segall is a really good musician, but his musical tastes range a bit beyond a single genre, however there’s some psych to be found in his catalog. Thee Oh Sees are another group with a great musician (John Dwyer), but again, his tastes range. He can really bring it (see Dead Man’s Gun or music from Orc/Smote Reverser which is more psych).

Anyways, for new bands for psychedelic rock, I think checking out the bands that get to the Austin Psych Fest (now Levitation) would be a good start.


Someday I’m gonna get down there for that. I desperately wanted to go to the year when Slowdive, Oneohtrix Point Never, Brian Wilson and Thurston Moore were all playing, but I couldn’t.

Also, it’s “The Black Angels”, not Angles…in case anyone couldn’t find them on a Google search. And their album Phosphene Dream is a stunner.


I’m an engineer, I think in angles, not angels :)


Since it came out in 2018, I don’t think it’s eligible for the 2019 thread hence I’ll put it here. Tax the Heat are phenomenal!