The 2018 Music thread


I am not a very big Rush fan. I am especially not a fan of 2112, which was one of the first half-dozen records I ever bought with lawn mowing money.

With that said, this is brilliant.

EDIT: This one I think is even better. Synched-up joy.


So great! Charlie makes a perfect Fred.

And I totally agree about Mr. Malkmus. I haven’t listened to his solo stuff much at all. Just not interested… but this new album is getting good reviews and the title/cover is hard to resist so I’ll give it more of a go. Eventually. Probably. Maybe?


He really does.

That thing is charming as hell. And they’ve found some pretty off the wall clips. I don’t think I’d ever actually seen Snoopy in the “Flashbeagle” legwarmers before.


A lot of us music dorks who have some affinity for '60s sounds tend to go a little nutso over the Australian band, The Easybeats (which was the band of AC/DC managers George Young and Harry Vanda; the recently-deceased George was Malcolm and Angus’s older brother). And if the only song you ever heard by the Easybeats is the hit, “Friday On My Mind”, sure is fair to wonder. It’s a decent song, but man is it overplayed.

At any rate, I was thrilled to find this youtube clip the other day of the Australian lads doing their song “Heaven & Hell”. And what’s great about this is that it was recorded in early 1967, and just feels like these fellows at their best were working on a similar wavelength to the Beatles or The Who or the Stones…without all that pesky fame and recognition.


BTW, the significance of that Easybeats clip, is not just how rare it is (it’s very rare, no idea how the chap who cut that together got that footage), but also what it represents. That’s all from the 1967 sessions with Glyn Johns (then still fairly unknown) at Olympic Studios. The Easies recorded an entire album there with Johns. It was all set to go: cover art, tracks recorded, mixed and mastered, had a catalog number…

…but apparently the Australian label (Albert Productions) that originally signed the Easybeats had signed a bunch of disastrous contracts for worldwide distribution of “Friday On My Mind”. It got the song played around the world, but it also was a contract riddled with loopholes that allowed multiple entities that were much bigger than little Albert Productions to put in claims on future Easybeats material. To compound things, the band had made it no secret that they were negotiating a new record deal for themselves to leave Albert for greener pastures.

So…Albert Productions simply refused to pay Johns and Olympic Studios for their time recording that Easybeats record. And so Johns and Olympic threatened to sue if it got released until they were paid. Later on, settlements were reached, and Albert released songs from the scrapped album – “Good Times”, “Heaven & Hell”, etc. – but never the album proper. Various songs showed up later in compilations, too. Some of the tracks also made it on to the actual second Easybeats album, an absolute clunker filled with outtakes and discarded ideas from this original session.

With Stevie Wright and George Young having passed away in the last few years, there are a lot of folks hoping that Harry Vanda (the last surviving Easybeats songwriter) helps put together an actual proper release of this sucker.


Damn, that’s a great song and a cool video.


Yeah, I know commercial radio sucks, but I’m stuck listening to it at work, and cannot avoid it.
Anyway, I thought this was pretty good:


I am listening to these guys:

I wish there were some lyrics, but I like them a lot. I especially like this video:


These guys do not disappoint (new album mid-June).


That Rolling Blackouts song rules. Thanks for sharing it, I also can’t wait for the album. Debut?


Oh also…apparently Stewart Lupton, once the frontman of Jonathan Fire*Eater has died, sounds like suicide.

Honestly, I tried to follow his shambolic career after the rest of the band basically dumped him and then went off to form The Walkmen, and he seemed to be on such a self-destructive path of addiction and excess, I was kind of surprised that he was still around.


Yeah, great band. Last year they released The French Press which I think was a 6-song EP. The year before, they had a short album called Talk Tight. So you can catch up in no time – both are worth checking out.

Heard You’re Moving is my fave…


Pusha T’s new mini-album is on fleek…or, you know, whatever the kids are saying these days.


Because we are a videogame forum, I present Powerglvoe’s latest epic, Continue?, which is liable to be the best videogame metal album of the year or even decade. (link is to a playlist of all songs on the album, but it is also available on your Favorite Streaming Service of Choice).


Just pulled out lost balloons “hey summer” again cause its 100 degrees here today and want to thank trig again for recommending such a perfect summer album last year. Might be my fav album of 2017.


Plushgun put out a new song, first in 6 years and they seem to have radically changed direction. They used to be indie synthpop and this is certainly not that.


Also there’s a new Bosstones album on the way


Traceyanne Campbell (she of classic pop combo Camera Obscura) has a new musical project, Traceyanne & Danny, with some dude named (get this) Danny. Unsurprisingly, the album is perfect classic pop.


Sorry, not sorry, but I really love garage rock, having grown up in the Philly punk scene circa 83-88, so these guys, like the black lips in the '00’s, hit me in the guts nowadays

Like listening to this (now) with some beers… so sharing :)


So when you say Philly punk scene, are we talking Dead Milkmen…or Electric Love Muffin…or (awed silence) The Johnsons?

Out of absolutely nowhere earlier this year, The Johnsons made their cover of “Sylvia Plath” available to stream on Spotify. One of the guys in the band is converting the rest of their only album to digital and remastering it before that goes up on spotify as well. My fave Philly band of that scene and era. And that record stands as one of the best of the mid-1980s.